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Wealth within the Church


Wealth within the church has been a subject that has been misunderstood for years. The fact of the matter is without wealth in this day and age, the church would be severely handicapped at preaching the gospel to the world.

Those of us who live in the US are fortunate enough to have access to a myriad of different ways to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have 5-6 Christian television channels to choose from. We have bookstores all over town which carry what seems like hundreds of different translations of the bible and we have a plethora of different churches we can attend.

It’s almost embarrassing to write, particularly because in some parts of the world our brothers and sisters are fortunate just to possess a page torn out of the bible, but we have even gone as far as having our own favorite bible teachers.

The world (generally speaking) is not in the business of funding the church. Although some have billions at their disposal, only a very small fraction of the world’s wealth finds its way into the church.

We have tons of options at our disposal, but have you ever stopped to think about who foots the bill for our endless choices in receiving the gospel? 99% of our church activities along with the Christian television we watch is free of charge but that doesn’t mean that our Christian television and church services are free to produce.

God has indeed blessed this nation and has allowed us to preach the Word of God all over the world. Although the gospel is free, the pipeline to get the gospel to the masses is costly. Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the luxury we have in being able to plop down in a comfortable seat each Sunday and toss $1.00 in the offering tray without giving thought to what goes on behind the scenes financially in delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Television broadcast time, salaries, various insurances, building and expansion funds, internet ministry, benevolent funds, child care, homeless ministries, gas, water, electricity and tons of other expenses must be paid by churches nationwide each month. Where will all this money come from?

It is the Lord thy God who give you power to get wealth

The world (generally speaking) is not in the business of funding the church. Although some have billions at their disposal, only a very small fraction of the world’s wealth finds its way into the church. It’s going to be up to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to fund the gospel message. I believe it’s every Christian’s right, privilege, and responsibility to be wealthy. We have a job to do and it’s going to require wealth within the church to get the job done.

Deuteronomy 8:18 tells us that it is the Lord our God who gives us the power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant. Some believe that wealth is evil and should be shunned. Some Christians avoid wealth like the plague, misquoting the scriptures as saying, “Money is the root of all evil” when in actuality the scriptures says that it is the love of money that’s the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10).

As Christians, the love of God has been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). The characteristic of love is to give. The bible says for God so loved the world that He gave…. (John 3:16). However, we cannot give what we don’t have. How many times have you heard a plea for help go out for someone within the church and you wanted so dearly to give, but you were unable to?

This should never be the case, dear brothers and sisters. In fact the bible says that God will generously provide all we need and that we will have plenty left over to share with others (2 Corinthians 9:8).

I encourage you to pray and believe God not only to meet your own needs, but for more than enough to meet the needs of those around you. Imagine what we could do as a body of believers whose needs were met to the point where we could reach out and help others with their needs.

Let’s determine in our hearts that we are going to be an abundantly supplied church that the love of God can flow through in a tangible way to meet the needs of our neighborhoods, our communities, our cities and eventually the world.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I used to be one of those "throw $1 in the basket" on Sunday people. I was always broke, and thought I didn't have enough for myself let alone give to others. But once I accepted Jesus into my heart my attitude towards my finances and giving changed. I give as much as I can on Sunday, to other charities, individuals in need, etc and I have never been in such a good financial position with my own finances. Do I still have hard times, yeah but not like before and I don't look at it the same. I know it will pass and God will provide for the needs of my family. And no one thinks about all the everyday bills that the church and other ministries must pay just to stay alive and share the Gospel with all of us. I wish I could do all my work for the Lord through my blog and other sites but unfortunately I do need to support my family by working. Maybe one day I will find a way of doing the Lords work while also supporting my family but for now they must be separate. God Bless you.

    • Thank you maam,
      Give and it will be given unto you….that truth is so very simple, yet so easy to be rationalized and put aside in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing….

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