The Holy Spirit Inspired Delivery of God’s Love

the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, who dwells on the inside of us, must be allowed to lead us and guide us on how to minister God’s love to those who are hurting.

We are all different people with different personalities. We all have different levels of education and we see the world differently based upon our upbringing and life experiences. When placed in stressful situations, our views of life change even more.

Approach each person and each situation as individual. Listen to the Holy Spirit and make yourself available to minster to those around you as He would have you minister to them.

As Christians, we are called to love one another as Jesus loved us. A part of showing that love is to support one another and to encourage one another.

However before we ever get to the point of supporting and encouraging one another, we must learn how to communicate with one another.

Great Coaches Know Their Players

There are many attributes a coach must have in coaching athletes. Knowledge of the game, experience under pressure, knowledge of opposing teams, a vast array of offensive and defensive strategies, etc. are all necessary.

With all the knowledge and experience a good coach brings to the table, the number one asset a coach has to have is the ability to communicate and motivate his players to play at an optimum level.

If a coach doesn’t have the necessary skills to communicate his message to his players in a way that they can understand and receive it, his knowledge of the game is irrelevant.

Given the fact that all the players on a team are different, great coaches take the time to learn how each individual player is motivated to perform.

Once armed with this knowledge, the good coach tailors the delivery of his message to suit the player. A coach cannot expect to be successful by approaching every player in the same way.

Some players are motivated by a loud, “in your face” type of approach. Others are motivated by a calm explanation of what their responsibilities on the field are.

Some like to be left alone before a game to mentally concentrate on their responsibilities. Others need a chaotic, adrenalin filled locker room to reach an emotional high before a game.

A coach needs to know what makes his players tick in order to tailor the delivery of his message to get the most out of each individual player on his team.

The Holy Spirit Knows His Players

The same is true within the Body of Christ. We are all motivated in different ways.

Given the fact that a part of our responsibility is showing the love of God to one another, we need to be open and available to the Holy Spirit to minister to others in ways that are best suited to the care receiver.

Sometimes you will encounter someone who needs a loud and animated delivery to inspire them. And there will be other times when all that’s needed is an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

I’ve heard of situations where just a hand placed on someone’s shoulder at the appropriate time spoke volumes with someone who was hurting.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to Minister through You

Approach each person and each situation as individual. Listen to the Holy Spirit and make yourself available to minster to those around you as He would have you minister to them.

Remain process oriented as opposed to results oriented; knowing that only the love of God can meet the need of your care receiver.

Yield yourself to be used by the Holy Spirit and rejoice in the fact that God can use an imperfect vessel to carry a cool drink to one who is thirsty.

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