The Anointing of Being You – Fulfilling God’s calling on Your Life

the anointing

The anointing of God to move those around us in ways that no other person can move them lives in us.

Many of us wonder what lot we are supposed to fill in life. We ponder the ministry gift God has entrusted us with and we wonder when we will be “called” to step out into that ministry.

There are so many ways to minister to people other than the fivefold ministry gifts to the church spoken of in Ephesians 4:11.

Each of us carries the anointing of God to minister to people daily and in ways that are totally unique to us and our personalities.

Finding the Anointing in the Love of Your Life

I love my life. I started this blog from my desire to write my thoughts and feelings to look back on and see how and where I’ve grown spiritually over the years.

Understanding that we all fight the same basic battles in life, I made the decision to share my thoughts and the lessons I’ve learned in life with others, which overtime gave birth to the FaithsMessenger blog you’re currently reading.

The anointing for God to do great things in the lives of those around us lies within each and every one of us as we simply do the things that we love to do in life.

By simply doing what I love to do (writing), God has been able to bless people all over the world. But you will never find blogging spoken of in the bible as one of the ministry gifts to the church.

The anointing for God to do great things in the lives of those around us lies within each and every one of us as we simply do the things that we love to do in life.

The anointing lies within the things that we are talented at. The anointing lies within things that we look forward to doing even if we aren’t getting paid to do them.

How many times have you been served by someone who seemed to serve you from the heart. Someone who truly loved what they were doing and by serving you, they “ministered” to you?

For example, having worked in a hospital environment in the past, I’ve seen nurses who absolutely seemed like Mother Teresa incarnate. The genuine quality of care and concern that they show their patients is amazing.

The level of care these nurses provide goes above and beyond that of their co-workers. And if you were to ask these special nurses what was different about their ability to care for their patients, they probably would deny that they were doing anything different than any of the other nurses on the floor.

The anointing of God to care for their patients empowers them to do what they do naturally and they don’t even realize it.

While doing the things that you have a heart for, you have the opportunity to reach people with the anointing of God that I will never be able to reach and vice versa.

I believe that it’s in the things we enjoy doing most in life is where we find our ministry gift.

The Anointing to Serve

There is a dear brother in the Lord at our church who owns a catering business. This same brother also runs our church café on Sunday mornings.

He has told me that although he loves owning his own catering business, he gets more enjoyment out of running the church café on Sunday mornings than he does in running his catering business.

He has embraced operating the café on Sunday morning as his ministry to the people of God. Once again, you won’t find running the church café on Sunday mornings spoken about as a ministry in the bible.

So examine your heart. What do you love doing in life? You might say, “I love watching movies…how can I possibly minister to people by watching movies?”

Well, suppose you had the opportunity to be a film critic and watch movies for a living? What if you were put in a position to influence the movie choices that people make? Don’t we need Christian movie critics with the anointing of God operating in their lives?

Jesus Christ is in us. We are the only hands He has here in this earth realm. We are His feet while we are here on earth. Our scriptural admonition is to go into the entire world and preach the Gospel to every creature.

It’s our responsibility to take Jesus into every corner of the world. Take a look at your heart and discover what God created you to do. What gives you the most pleasure in life?

Allow the Spirit of God to help you figure out how to infiltrate that field and smuggle Jesus in to those who need Him there.

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