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Living Story
I am a Christian woman, wife, mother, and musician sharing my thoughts and life lessons, offering insight and encouragement to other believers. Grab a cup of hot tea and join me!

I am a living story – so are you. We are all living, breathing, walking testimonies. In this blog, I share my thoughts on many things, always from a decidedly Christian viewpoint. As a mother, I learn life lessons everyday from my son. As a worship leader in the church, I learn lessons about leadership and what a spirit of worship really entails. As a woman seeking the heart of God, I am learning many, many things about how to interpret and respond to the things in this world that some may take at face value as nothing out of the ordinary. I’d love for you to join me as I share. Here, you’ll find love, inspiration, truth, and encouragement.

Love Made Known
Our Story reveals His story | A collection of personal Christian testimonies to reveal the work that Jesus is actively doing in the world today.

It all began with a reading of John 21:25,

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” John 21:25(NIV)

After reading these verses, we started to think about the magnitude of Jesus’ ministry and the number of lives that have been changed. No joke, think of the books that could be written! We made it our goal to give people a place where they could share incredible real-life situations where God showed up and flipped their world upside down. How else can we show people the reality of the Gospel if not through our own personal stories? Why not try to fill the earth with them?

We believe every testimony that has occurred after Jesus’s ascension is a continuation of the work that He started over two thousand years ago. Testimonies are meant to display God’s glory and His existence; we are also called to bear witness as followers of Jesus. Our vision and mission for this website is simply to display the glory of God through the lives of ordinary people. After all, God is the God of the impossible and does extraordinary things through us. Our prayer and hope is that many people would be moved to worship God, be encouraged and even have their own lives changed as a result of someone else’s testimony!