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Busy Being Blessed
Christian family lifestyle blog. Every day is a gift!

Busy Being Blessed is a Christian family lifestyle blog. We discuss faith, family and life in general.

Cornerstone Confessions
Kathy Gossen seeks to encourage others to live for Jesus in the everyday no matter what the occasion.

Kathy seeks to encourage others to live for Jesus in the everyday whether that involves cooking, cleaning house, organizing, homeschooling or reading, it can all praise God if we let it.

Growing for Christ
Faith, Family, Love and Reviews.

My blog about homeschool, homemaking, widowhood, motherhood, reviews and ultimately my journeys as a Christian.

Growing for Christ
Kaylene Yoder (Faithful Feat)
Encouraging women to pursue wisdom & grace.

Kaylene is just a girl with a sword, a shield and a strong cup of coffee. She finds her first ministry to be in her home living out her calling of wife and mother. In her spare time she writes to encourage women to thrive well in their current roles. Be it through sweet encouragement or an occasional dose of humor or spunkiness, her goal remains the same… to point women to the Lord.

Kaylene Yoder
Mom of the South
A blog about the beautiful chaos in the life of a nurse-turned-stay-at-home-mommy and Army wife. Sharing the hope and humor in the craziness I call life!

From former single mom and nurse to Army wife and stay at home mommy of three, I’m learning the art of savoring the moments (along with some great food!), and sharing the journey with you! There’s no shortage of humor and craziness in our lives, but with our faith and family we can certainly claim we’re blessed beyond measure!