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1-Minute Bible Love Notes
“like an espresso shot of Scripture in your morning coffee”

Bible Love Notes challenges, encourages, and inspires readers with a 1-minute devotion each weekday.

1-Minute Bible Love Notes
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Abounding Wisdom
Inspirational and Motivational Bible Teaching

Upbeat and relevant articles that target numerous areas of concern for every Christian: faith, prayer, spiritual warfare, relationship with God and more. Readers will be encouraged and strengthened.
Acrostic Devotions by Russ
Devotional thoughts written in Acrostic style.

Challenging, encouraging, and inspiring posts shared to build faith.

Answering the Question: What Really Matters?
Christian devotional messages/Thought for the day.

Devotional messages posted 2 or 3 times each week to encourage spiritual growth. These messages will provide opportunity for deep reflection.

Being Confident of This
Grace for the work-in-progress woman.

Being Confident of this focuses on leading women to understand and embrace their value in Christ so that they might live out their faith in the areas of parenting, marriage, homemaking, ministry, healthy living, teaching, writing, and more!

Being Confident of This
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Delve Deeper
Walk with me on the way Home

I never knew what life was until I met Jesus. Once my eyes were opened to His reckless love for me, it was on. There is something so addictive about Him. Though I’ve been in love with Him since 2003, I have been experiencing an awakening since 2012. I believe God is preparing us for His Kingdom that is coming any day now. This blog was created to share what the Holy Spirit is showing me on this journey that will lead to meeting Jesus face to face. Until that glorious day, let’s press in & get to know Him more, shall we?
Devotions by Susan Waters
1-2 min. Devotional video blog

These daily Video Blogs briefly talk about the Scripture for the day.
Devotions With Angela
Short 2 minute weekly Bible verse video and article fueling spiritual fire!

Devotions for Christian Encouragement with Angela Schans FUEL SPIRITUAL FIRE with short two minute devotional videos and articles designed to propel Christians out of spiritual impotence.

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Divas walking in the Spirit of Christ
Devotional Blog

Devotional blog for Christians everyday life .

Christian Blog
Prayer warriors prayer page
Good News Blog
Good News Unlimited Devotional Blog.

Good News Unlimited Devotional Blog.