Seek ye first the Kingdom

seek ye firstSeeking the Kingdom of God requires a different mindset. It requires meditation in God’s Word. Seeking the Kingdom of God first when things go awry in your life requires us to develop a trust in God.

Purposely doing that which is unnatural

A career in law enforcement requires one to change their way of thinking on many different levels. Law enforcement officials are called upon to do things that are unnatural. Being called upon to protect rather than being one who requires protection makes demands on public officials that go against the natural, rational way of thinking and reacting.

Like police and firefighters are trained to react in the interest of the public first, trusting God and seeking Him and His ways first when tragedy strikes must become our default response.

Think about it for a moment. If gunfire breaks out in your neighborhood, the natural, sane thing to do would be to run in the opposite direction of the source of the gunfire. If a woman screams that there is a violent mob moving through the streets, the natural thing to do would be to avoid the situation as best you can. If there is a report of a drunk driver side swiping cars heading in your direction, the natural thing to do would be to avoid any danger the drunken driver may pose to you.

However when called upon to act, the law enforcement official seeks out the source of the potential threat to public safety. Our law enforcement officers, military personnel and fire fighters place their lives on the line on a daily basis by doing those things that are unnatural to our senses to protect and serve the public.

In a sense you can say that our public servants “seek the safety of the public first”, and place their own interests second.

Comes before our God

In our own Christian lives, there should be nothing elevated higher than our God. We have many different denominations and many different biblical beliefs within the Body of Christ but I would venture to say that most of us can agree that nothing should be considered higher in our thoughts than God.

Yet when tragedy strikes in our lives, many of us allow our thoughts, actions and beliefs to fly out the window and we react to our situations apart from God and His Word. It’s almost as if scriptures like Matthew 6:33 only apply when all is well in our lives and not when tragedy strikes.

When a financial crisis hits, sometimes our first thoughts center around what we can do to solve our own problem, rather than on seeking His Kingdom and His way of doing things first. Thoughts of obtaining a second job, or figuring out ways to work more overtime to solve our own financial problem flood in and leave very little room for seeking God’s way of getting past our problem.

Notice, Matthew 6:33 didn’t say “seek ONLY the Kingdom of God”. Matthew 6:33 says to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God, leaving room for you to seek second, third, fourth and so forth.

Our God wants to be trusted

One of the most important commodities in the Kingdom of God system is trust. We serve a God who wants to be trusted. Trusting God means that when we run into trials here in this life that He is our first option.

But like police and firefighters are trained to react in the interest of the public first, trusting God and seeking Him and His ways first when tragedy strikes must become our default response.

Apart from meditation in God’s Word and seeing Him as our source, seeking His kingdom first will continue to seem unnatural to us. When your baby falls ill it might seem much more important to you to get him or her to the hospital first instead of taking a moment and seeking God first through prayer.

If you, like most of us have been guilty of placing God second, third, fourth or excluding Him all together when challenges arise in your life I’d like to remind and encourage you to seek God and His way first. Lean on His wisdom. Allow Him to direct your path as a first option when your days seem darkest.

After all, any option you choose outside of God is an option that’s far inferior than what the wisdom of God can provide in your situation.

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