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Reasons to Believe God is Who He Says He is

reasons to believe

Reasons to believe in the existence of God are all around us. All we have to do is open our eyes and look at His creation to see what a mighty God we serve. But even with all the visible evidence of the existence of God which surrounds us, the bottom line is that those of us who believe the Gospel have made the choice to believe it.

Reasons to believe the Gospel aren’t necessary. What is necessary is faith. People make the choice to believe things that they can’t prove every day.

In my opinion, those who seek valid reasons to believe that God exists are in actuality looking for reasons not to believe. They refuse to make the choice to believe and are looking for evidence to support the choice they have made.


The Power of Choice

Just the other day on the Dr. Phil Show, a woman who had recently lost her husband of over 30 years admitted to meeting someone through a popular dating website.  The woman told Dr. Phil and the audience that she had fallen in love with her online acquaintance even though she had never met him.

During their short online relationship, the woman had made approximately 40 money transfers to her online suitor totaling over $250,000. She had given this man all of her savings. She re-mortgaged her home to continue supplying him with money. She convinced her son-in-law to falsely be a job reference for this man.

Supposedly the man was working on a building project in London, however a trace of the IP address of the computer he was using led back to an Internet Café in Nigeria.

Fortunately by the end of the show, Dr. Phil had compiled enough investigative evidence to convince the woman that she was being taken advantage of by a con-artist.

At one point the gentleman called the woman’s phone during the taping of the show. With all the evidence that expert investigators had given the woman to prove that she was being conned, she still wasn’t completely convinced until she spoke to him on the phone.

In many of these cases, the victim refuses to believe they’ve been taken advantage of even with solid evidence to substantiate it. Her reasons to believe in this person whom she thought she knew were completely unfounded. She made a choice to believe, howbeit the wrong choice.

Reasons to Believe Aren’t Necessary

Reasons to believe the Gospel aren’t necessary. What is necessary is faith. People make the choice to believe things that they can’t prove every day. How many times have we seen the following headlines as we wait patiently in the grocery store checkout line, “Man Abducted by Aliens and Lives to Tell About it”. Yet, thousands of supposedly sane people all over the world choose to believe these stories and the tabloids make millions of dollars every year as a result.

Given the fact that we seem to be able to turn off all rational thought concerning some issues, is it asking too much to believe that God exists? Is it really a stretch of the imagination to believe in the face of non-existing evidence that Jesus came and gave His life for you?

Blessed are They That Have Not Seen and Yet Have Believed

If you’re struggling to find reasons to believe the Gospel I encourage you to exercise as much faith in God as you lend to the many other things that you can’t readily prove or understand. There is much more evidence to disprove the idea of aliens abducting people than there is to disprove the existence of God.

Reasons to believe in God are all around us. Open your eyes, your head, and most importantly your heart. As you pray and seek God for the truth you’re guaranteed to find it according to Matthew 7:7-8.

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