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Negative Thoughts can Kill, Steal and Destroy your Life

negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can creep into your mind without you being consciously aware of them. Last night after dinner I began to notice a slight tingle in one of my back teeth on the right side of my mouth.

After a while the pulsating pain began to spread and soon the whole right side of my face began to throb.

I tried to ignore the pain but my mind kept drifting. Almost unconsciously, I began to see myself in a hospital bed. My wife Sam was there. She was leaning over me crying.

Our enemy, the devil invades our lives through negative thoughts and words. This world only has one system of operation. The whole world is built upon the planting of seeds.

I saw visions of my face, swollen and puffy. I heard the Doctor tell Sam that my diagnosis was cancer of the jawbone.

I imagined Sam sitting down with our boys and planning the family’s financial future without me.

BUT WAIT A MINUTE! All I had was a regular old everyday toothache!

Negative Thoughts can Kill

Our enemy, the devil invades our lives through negative thoughts and words. This world only has one system of operation. The whole world is built upon the planting of seeds.

Whatever seed is planted in the ground of your heart will grow, develop and come to pass in your life.

Exposing Enemy Tactics

How the enemy works to bring calamity into our lives is actually pretty simple….

First, he attempts to invade your mind with negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can come as a result of something fairly innocent. A great counter for negative thoughts is Philippians 4:8.

Secondly, he tries to hit you with the 1-2 punch of bombarding your mind with the initial negative thoughts, while at the same time, bringing people he has victimized in the same way to give you their testimonies of the bad things he’s done in their lives.

If you want to hear negative testimonies coming out of the woodwork about the flu, for example, you don’t have to say a word. All you have to do is sneeze or cough. I guarantee you that people will come from every direction to tell to you about the horrible flu that’s going around and how Uncle Billy or Aunt Bertha was flat on their backs with the flu for 2 weeks.

Remember, faith comes by hearing. By sending others to give testimony of the horrible things that have happened to them, the enemy is attempting to feed your faith for the negative situation.

The counter for attacks on your faith through the words of others is to speak the truth of God’s Word.

Jesus sparred with the devil in Matthew 4:1-11 and was victorious over him by combating every word from the devil with the Word of God.

The enemy may come at you with multiple attacks, as in his encounter with Jesus. But if you keep speaking God’s Word, he cannot stand (notice in verse 11, the devil left Jesus alone because Jesus kept countering him with the Word of God).

Above all, throughout the course of this battle, remember to guard your heart with all diligence. For out of it, flow the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).

Don’t meditate on your circumstances, meditate on what God’s Word says about your circumstances.

If you prevent the negative seed from taking root in your heart, the enemy cannot be victorious in your life.

So set your mind on things above (Colossians 3:2). Begin to train yourself to think and speak God’s Word and you will find that the light of God’s Word will drive out any hint of darkness in your life.

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  1. This was a really nice article, very relevant to my life and I assume to most people's lives, I believe the devil uses fear as one of his most common weapons. A verse I hold onto dearly is Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

    • Thanks so much for your comment Sam. I agree wholeheartedly with you. Fear is the exact opposite of faith. Fear and unbelief can choke the life out of faith.

      So many times in Jesus travels, His very first admonition to the people was “fear not”. I believe a great part of what He was saying was, “I’m here and I want to bless you, but my hands are tied as long as your fears are present.

      In Mark 6:5 the bible says that because of the lack of faith of the people there, He could do no might works in His own hometown. Imaging that.

      Unbelief by the people tied the hands of almighty God who wanted to do mighty works for them!

      Thanks again for your comment and have an amazing day….

  2. "The whole world is built upon the planting of seeds" – what an extremely powerful message! Also: meditating not on your circumstances, but on the Word of God – how easily we slip into focusing our thoughts on the wrong things! I have a picture of Phil. 4:8 displayed next to my front door, so when I walk out into the world I'll remember what to dwell on – but I have to admit, my focus is so easily swayed! Thank you for this powerful reminder! 🙂

  3. Wow, so blessed to have found your site here! Have needed much encouragement in the faith department the past couple of weeks, for just growing more in Him, and also with experiencing pain in the right side of my jaw, and changes in my eyes! The devil has been working hard to invade my life with those negative thoughts! It's a constant barrage, but God has been showing me that no matter the circumstance, I need to trust in Him … to labor to enter His REST … and not to fear or be anxious about any thing. I heard just this morning that when we do worry we give the enemy more of a license to work in that particular area … I certainly don't want to give him any more ground and I want to take back that which he has stolen!! Thank you so much for your heart here, for encouraging us not to accept that negative seed, and to set our minds on things above!! I will be following! Blessings to you!

    • I’m glad you’re here as well Deborah…welcome!

      What you give your attention to is what your mind will focus on. What your mind focuses on will be what will find its way into your heart. What finds its way into your heart is what will come out of your mouth. And what comes out of your mouth is what you will experience in your life.

      Find the scriptures in the bible that have to do with healing and meditate on them. When those negative thoughts come, speak them out of your mouth. Speaking God’s Word is the way to stop negative thoughts in their tracks.

      Father I thank you for the truth of your Word which carries more weight, has more substance, and is much more powerful than the fact that my sister Deborah may be in pain right now. I thank you for Jesus, who bore all of her, infirmities, all of her sicknesses and all of her diseases in His body and I thank you that as a result, she is healed. I thank you for the patience you’ve given her to stand confidently on your Word until she sees the manifestation of what has already been bought and paid for…In Jesus Name..

      Thank you Deborah for giving me the privilege of being a channel of blessing that God can use to bless you!

  4. He can't kill a believe upfront because Jesus conquered death. He can't even keep us dead because Christ is the Resurrection and the Life. The only thing he can do is attach the mind by getting us to always think the worse.

    The imaginations you saw of yourself in the hospital with your wife grieving over you, clearly didn't come from the Lord. This is why you have a shield of Faith! Christ promised to never leave nor forsake us. Through Faith we break the illusions.

  5. I know that as a Christian Satan is always looking for ways to attack me. Often times I deal with negative thoughts and YES they can ruin so many different aspects to ones life.

    For an example my friend did something bad to me and I forgave her. Me and her also know that God forgave her, but she was still feeling bad and beating herself up. So I asked her, "Why are you still worrying about this when everyone else has forgotten about it?" I pointed out that she is probably just being attacked by Satan as since he always wants us to feel guilty.

    But what is the point in making yourself feel guilty? When everyone else has moved on and forgiven you. It's pointless and is an example of how Satan attacks us with negative thoughts.

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