Life Experiences – Using Enemy Attacks to Bless Others

life experiences

Life experiences can be positive or negative but I want to talk about the negative ones in this article. Hurtful situations can happen to all of us. No one is exempt from negative life experiences.

The key to living through such horrible life experiences is determining in your heart that you won’t be paralyzed by the guilt, shame or embarrassment of your life experiences.

One of the most amazing feelings I’ve had in my church fellowship is being able to identify with those that either have gone through or are going through similar situations as what I’ve gone through.

Sexual abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV/Aids, and every other problem that exists in the world, exists in the church as well.

But if you visit your average church on a Sunday morning and ask any one of the Brethren how they’re doing, you will probably get the traditional “Christian” answer…”I’m blessed brother! How are you?

We’ve become the masters of illusion. We mask our problems from one another and as a result, the enemy has succeeded at the “Divide and Conquer” tactic.

Sharing Life Experiences

One of the most amazing feelings I’ve had in my church fellowship is being able to identify with those that either have gone through or are going through similar situations as what I’ve gone through.

Nothing is more refreshing than to be able to expose your fault, mistake or shortcoming with a brother and then receive total non-judgmental love in return.

Taking that comfort to a new level is when you share your problem and someone who has experienced the same problem or situation comes to your aid.

But how can we as a church body ever come to this place if no one is willing to share their life experiences?

Let me say right here that I’m not seeking, nor am I talking about being condoned in our sins. Our constant vigil is to seek to remove individual sin from our lives with the help of the Holy Spirit.

I’m talking about coming together and sharing situations with one another that the enemy meant to destroy us and using them as a means of freedom for others who may not know how to deal with the same situation in their life.

Joyce Meyer is one of my favorite teachers. God has used and continues to use her mightily all over the world.

Her testimony of how she was sexually abused for years by a family member has no doubt freed many thousands of people all over the world who have endured the same situation.

What the devil meant to destroy her has been used against him and has freed many from bondage. I’m sure he doesn’t like that…..

One tactic that the enemy will commonly use against us is to inflict us with some sort of situation or circumstance, then through embarrassment cause us to keep silent about what we’re going through.

Little do we know, the person sitting right in front or behind us in church is going through the same situation and could gain strength by your story and vice versa.

The Enemy has no New Weapons

We all have the same adversary who has the same weapons. There are no new sins. As original as God made you, you are not going through anything that someone else hasn’t gone through already.

When we take what the devil meant for evil and share it as a means of blessing others, we become free of his dominion. We no longer have to live undercover lives because we have freely uncovered that which he meant for us to spend our lifetime trying to cover up.

The Church should be our Sanctuary

The place where we should be most at ease about “letting our hair down” should be the church. As Christian’s, we are family. We live under a covenant of love.

If by sharing my mistakes, errors in judgment, attacks or shortcomings I can help or inspire someone else to live a more perfect life, I find it a privilege to do so with my brothers and sisters in the church.

And in doing so, I find great joy in knowing that what the devil meant for my destruction, God can use to bless others.

Fear of the Judgment of Others

If you’re in a church or group where you fear being judged by your life experiences, I would ask you to pray and find out if you are in the place where God would have you serve.

Your judgment should come from God, not man. Examine your situation and ask yourself if you are in a place where God can use you to bless others by your life experiences.

I’m not talking about taking the platform in your church on a Sunday morning and broadcasting your life experiences to the world. I’m talking about allowing the Spirit of God to lead and guide you to whom He can minister to through the sharing of your life experiences.

We all have life experiences. Some of those life experiences are good and some are bad. Our past is our past and there is nothing we can do to change it. However, we have total control over how we allow our life experiences to affect us and those around us.

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  1. Only yesterday l was sharing with someone that it is much easier to get heart advice from someone who had already been through or can identify with what you are going through, God bless

    • Going through trials carries with it so many benefits. One of which is credibility in the hearts and minds of those who can find comfort in the fact that someone, somewhere has not only experienced what they are experiencing, but has come through it and are willing to share their testimony of how they overcame. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Life is ironic and many of the things people go through are a result oof our deteriorating society. I know what it's like to be stalked and harrassed, makes it easier to not go through it alone though.

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