Father’s Day, 2012

Another Father’s Day has come and gone and with it came apologies from my children for not being able to do more for me or for not giving me gifts wrapped in festive paper and bows. And indeed, I have to confess that once again my children have missed the mark this Father’s Day. Another year has gone by without them realizing that they give me Father’s Day gifts daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year. 

My Father’s Day gift comes when my children ask my opinion on the various events that are going on in their lives.

My Father’s Day gift comes when my children make life decisions that cause me to stick out my chest with pride.

My Father’s Day gift comes each weekend when on Monday morning my alarm goes off at 6AM and none of them has called asking me for a ride home from a police station.

My Father’s Day gift comes in knowing that drugs or alcohol aren’t a part of their lives.

My Father’s Day gift comes when they continuously show me their zeal for life and their desire to be responsible with the life that God has given them.

My Father’s Day gift comes in knowing that my kids eagerly make plans to spend time with me.

My Father’s Day gift comes when I receive text messages from them simply to say, “I love You Dad, and I’m thinking about you”.

My Father’s Day gift comes when one of them pulls me aside and says, Dad, remember when I was a child and you punished me for this, or for that? Thank you for doing that.

God has granted me so many blessings in my life but the blessing of being surrounded by the children that He has given me is one that tops them all.

And lastly to my loving wife who is the finishing touch…who helps me and supports me in being the man, husband, and father that God created me to be…I stand in awe of who you are. The love you all show me cannot be put into words. Thank you for allowing me to experience Father’s Day every day of my life.

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  1. Kimberly Charles

    This is beautiful!

  2. FaithsMessenger

    Hey Kimmie Bear…..nice to hear from you…

  3. This is a beautiful post. I do not know how any father (parent) can not want to be with their children. They grow so fast.

    The greatest gift/love in the world is when your children have become the greatest gift/love in the world.

    I will never get parents who teach their children lies and manipulation and yet give them birth or life. Children live what they learn and knowing that whatever they are taught comes from their parents they believe and trust in this word. So if they are taught lies they live lies, if they are taught love they live love and the most precious gift to teach a child is in the hands o God.

    Thank you for a great post

    • Thank you for your comment Laurie,

      It took me a while to learn the lesson about valuing my time with my kids. I’m sure glad the message finally got through….

      Have a great evening…

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