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God Speaks to us in Ways That we Can Best Receive His Words

god speaks

God speaks to His children in many different ways. I have 5 children who are all different. To be effective as a parent, I have to communicate with each one of my children in different ways. They all  have different personalities and different ways that my words affect them. In order to reach them in a way that they can understand, I have to speak in a way that each one can best receive what I have to say.  

God speaks to us in ways that we can best receive His Words. As Christians, we all have varying levels of education. We’re all at different stages of spiritual development. We all have different levels of intelligence and we all are different ages chronologically speaking.

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous for a 4th grader to be exposed to a college undergraduate’s lecture on physics, then leave the lecture and go out telling everyone that the material taught in the class couldn’t be true based solely on the fact that he didn’t understand it? You might say, “Well Greg, the point you’re trying to make is obvious”. Yes, but this sort of thing happens in the Body of Christ all the time.

If the man of God was willfully leading God’s people astray. Do you think that God is not capable of taking care of that situation and seeing to it that retribution comes to the wrong doer? God is well able to take care of His sheep.

Sometimes we tend to discount a word that God speaks through a person if we don’t understand it, if it’s not delivered in a way that’s easy for us to receive, or if it’s something that appears to go against what we’ve previously been taught. But then we compound things, by leaving the service and speaking negatively about the speaker and the message.

God speaks through different people to get His Word across to us

God speaks through different people to get His Word across to us. We all have our own way of receiving God’s Word. I have about 5 different bible teachers whom I receive best from. But even when it comes to my 5 preferred teachers, all of them have said things from time to time that I didn’t necessarily agree 100% with.

Maybe I wasn’t at the spiritual maturity level to understand or grasp the things that I didn’t agree with. Maybe the statement or subject that I didn’t agree with was a college topic when I’m only in the 4th grade spiritually speaking. Maybe the Word in that particular service was delivered in a way best suited for someone else to receive and not me. Maybe the way the Word was delivered was flawed (no teacher is perfect). There are a myriad of different reasons why the Word delivered didn’t strike my spirit in resounding fashion at that particular time.

In these cases, wisdom would dictate that I take what I can use from the message and apply it to my life and I leave what I can’t use on the shelf until I’m spiritually mature enough to see, understand, and receive it.

Beware of leaving situations like the above and talking negatively about the speaker or the message. Think about this for a moment. God speaks through people to deliver His Word to mankind. Are you prepared to stand before God and explain to Him why you had disparaging words to say about a speaker He appointed who’s delivery style or subject matter you didn’t agree with?

God speaks to us, through us

In the worst case scenario, what if the man of God was willfully leading God’s people astray. Do you think that God is not capable of taking care of that situation and seeing to it that retribution comes to the wrong doer? God is well able to take care of His sheep.

But on the other hand, what if you take it upon yourself to be the official “corrector of the church” and you are mistaken in your judgment? What if, in your opinion, you’re 100% certain that what the man of God has to say is wrong, when in reality you’re the one who’s wrong?  You could find yourself in a position of fighting against God (which is not a very good place to find yourself in).

I can look back on situations where I would have bet all that I had (if I were a betting man), that I was right on given situations in my life. I later found out that I was completely wrong. I’d rather not have that happen where judging and speaking against someone whom God may be using to deliver His Word is concerned.

Search the Scriptures and seek the Holy Spirit

The bible speaks about many false prophets and errant teachings appearing in the last days. I don’t by any means believe that we should be willing to accept every word taught by every supposed teacher of God’s Word.

Search the scriptures and seek the Holy Spirit for validity and understanding of the truth’s being taught in these last days. If you feel in your heart that what you’re being exposed to cannot be substantiated by the scriptures, by all means get up and shake the dust off your feet and leave that place. An errant message is easily silenced if the listeners disappear.

I encourage you to allow the just judge to judge, in regard to those God speaks through. Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart. If you allow God to render His judgement on those who may be attempting to lead His people astray, you will avoid the consequences of having to standing before Him and explaining your possible wrong judgement of those He has chosen to speak through.

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  1. I really hope that you take no offence to me dis-agreeing with some of what you have said in your post. I merely seek to raise a point of view with no malice whatsoever.

    Ok, I'm definately no expert in this area but you stated that you 'take what I can use from the message and apply it to my life and leave what I can't use on the shelf'… would you say that this was dangerous, only because if you believe that God has given you a message, shouldn't you take the whole message and not just the part that you feel is appropriate.

    I am also very wary from experience when you are not allowed to correct or challenge anyone who calls them-self a christian, regardless to what position they are in the church. I remember the bible telling you to 'try the spirits, so you might know them' and also not to be afraid of the so called prohets who think they have a word from God, when it is clearly not the case.

    I'm also very aware of those who constantly look for a fight over every word that is said from the pulpit but I do believe strongly that in order for a church to be healthy, there should be room for good healthy debate, opposition etc.. Does God wish all to follow blindly? No.

    Like you stated yourself, it is God who will judge in the end, but christians also need to use wisdom.

    • Hello,
      There is no greater honor that you can give a writer than reading his writings. I thank you for visiting FaithsMessnger.Com and I thank you for taking the time to comment my message.

      In the article “Allow the Just Judge to Judge”, I wasn’t dealing with an individual who is trying to get honest answers to questions that may arise from a message. I was addressing the person who is tempted to gossip and become judgmental of those assigned to deliver the Word of God. Those who are tempted to stir up strife and divisions within the church. Those who spew venomous poison for the sake of causing chaos. Those whose fulltime self-appointed assignments are to argue, debate with and correct everyone in their path that doesn’t see things the way they see them.

      Thanks again for your message. My hope is that you continue to follow us and also to tell others about us.

      Greg Winfield

  2. I agree with you, we have to guard our tongue and also our attitude.I had a conversation with my wife a few weeks ago about the same thing.sometimes the one whom God chose to lead may fall along the way. That does not mean that that person was not appointed by God. We are by no means condoning wrong doing and sinful Beauvoir but it is not our job to take position and take the position of juror, prosecutor and Judge also. We are to pray and love them through their trials and situations. Making supplication to God to guide them, grant them strength and vision where it is lacking. If it becomes a case where the leading is no longer taking direction from God, tern away and follow after his own heart and refuse to repent then that is the time to ask God for direction, dust your feet off and walk if that is His will for you

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