Giving the Gift of Your Time


Giving to those in need is great, but don’t get locked into thinking that giving money or participating in food drives is the only way you can give. Most of us possess something that is more valuable than our money. We have the precious commodity of our time.

In giving our finances, we trust that the organizations we give to will use our financial donations as the Lord directs. Rarely do we personally see how the money we give is changing lives. The same is true where making food donations and feeding the hungry is concerned.

By giving your time to others, not only do they receive the blessing of your presence, your care and your concern, but you are blessed right along with them as God ministers to all who are involved.

But when we give of our time, we have the opportunity to be used of God in the moment to be a blessing to those around us. So many people go day in and day out without feeling the love of God in a tangible way in their lives. Giving our time to people can help spread the emotional healing that many desperately need.

Think about it for a moment. If you were burdened financially, spiritually, mentally and emotionally with the issues of life, which would you rather have. A gift of money, which is disposable and will be gone in no time, or someone who really cares about you. Someone who was willing to listen to you decompress about the issues of life. Someone who could help to build you up to the point where you were spiritually and mentally strong again?

If you’ve never had the opportunity to unload your burdens in a non-judgmental environment to people who genuinely care about you, I can tell you that the experience can be an extremely cleansing one.

There are people we cross paths with on a daily basis who would relish the opportunity just to be able to talk about heartfelt feelings and emotions that no one in their world is willing to take the time to listen to.

There are elderly people in retirement homes who don’t have any family members who would love to have someone to talk to other than staff members.

There may be singles within your church that will be spending the holidays alone. What a blessing it would be to open your home up to a few of them and invite them over for some holiday fellowship.

We have soldiers coming home who would love to sit down with someone and debrief about serious issues and fears they may have going on inside. Everyone wants to feel valued. When we wiz by people who may be giving hints about their desire to vent strong feelings and emotions that may have been brewing for years on the inside and don’t give them the opportunity to do so, we do them a disservice.

Giving Time to Minister to the Needs of  the Heart

There is definitely a place for meeting the practical needs of others, but I also think there is a secondary need that very often goes unmet. It’s great to minister to the needs of a single mother and her children by providing food and shelter, but time also needs to be spent with her to allow her to express her concerns about her children, their future, her future, her self-esteem, and anything else that may be going on in her heart concerning the situation she finds herself in.

With all the tangible needs within the Body of Christ and in the world as a whole, please keep the needs of the heart in mind as you minister to those around you. By giving your time to others, not only do they receive the blessing of your presence, your care and your concern, but you are blessed right along with them as God ministers to all who are involved.

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  1. These are excellent points that you have made. I recall our choir volunteering to sing at a nursing home. It was a very rewarding experience. Also, we discovered many of the elderly that were there had excellent singing voices which was a plus for us.

    • It’s so easy to get caught up in life that we have very little time to volunteer to others. It sounds like you know and have experienced the rewards for volunteering your time. Thanks so much for your comment Betty.

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