Week 6

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  1. I love this verse because it reminds us that God is in control. Sometimes during the day we get so filled with the busyness of life and we forget that God is "I am, who I am." We need to "Be Still" and listen to him. Give time throughout the day in prayer and hear His request instead just doing what we think we should be doing. When I feel super busy and overwhelmed about anything, I think of this verse and know, that God is always there. Thanks for the visual!

  2. I have a hard time with this sometimes. I guess I can be a bit of a control freak sometimes. I know there are some things I have been praying about for years and I feel like my prayers are not being heard because they haven't been answered. So, I pray over and over and over. I guess that would be OK, if I had peace about it as I was praying. But, instead I have a sense of urgency.

    • Hi Jaimie,
      Prayer has a progression to it.

      If we ask according to His will, He hears us…
      And if we know that He hears us…
      We know that we have what we asked of Him…(1 John 14-15)

      But just because God grants the answer to your prayer (ships it off to you), doesn’t automatically mean you will ever see it. Answered prayer can be lost on its journey to you. There is time and distance between the time when we pray and the time we see that prayer materialize in our lives. Many factors control how long it takes before we see our prayer answered. I prayed for a son (the Dr. told us that we would never have children), and it took 5 years before he finally arrived.

      Of the many factors involved, the number 1 factor is to remain steadfast regardless of the circumstances. Refuse to be denied. Get stubborn and know that God is not withholding the answer from you. Fight, fight, and fight some more and eventually you will see the results of your labor.

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