Believe With Your Heart – The Source of Immovable Faith

believe with your heart

Believe with your heart and no contradictory circumstance can move you. Nothing can shake your confidence when you believe with your heart.

Example: Is there anything I could do or say to persuade you that the name you’ve gone by all your life isn’t actually your name? Continue reading

Go Through Hard Times Leaving a Holy Wake of Destruction in Your Path

go through

As Christians, we all go through things. Negative situations and circumstances arise in all of our lives for many different reasons….some known, some unknown. But I want to take a moment to tweak your way of thinking about how we are to go through things. Continue reading

Spouse Wars – Turning an Enemy into a Trusted Ally


Spouse Wars is the reality show that plays out in most households today unfortunately. The divorce rate even in the Christian Community is astronomical. Could one reason be because we have not recognized who our real enemy is?  Continue reading

Trust God to Lead and Guide You into His Will for Your Life

trust god

Trust God and turn your life and everything you have over to Him. It’s a simple concept, yet for most of us it’s a daily struggle.

My son plays basketball on a travel ball team here in Southern CA. His team travels all over playing against some of the best teams in the region. Recently we played in a tournament game in Riverside. Continue reading

Salvation is a Process, Not a Single Occurrence

A Journey Toward Salvation

My mother was a praying mother. In fact, I give her most of the credit for “praying me into the Kingdom of God”. My mother never hounded me or presented Christ to me in a way that turned me off from receiving Him. She never verbally said very much to me regarding God or His Word at all. She simply prayed and gave me a visual example of what living a Godly lifestyle looked like. For years, when it looked like I was going in every direction but a positive one, she never lost the hope of her children living for God.  Continue reading

Faith Looks Not at the Things Which are Seen

faithFaith does not take into account the things that are seen…..

My wife works at one of the major Universities here in Southern California and from time to time I go and meet her on campus for lunch. While driving up Campus Dr. to her office I usually see students walking in every direction on campus.

The majority of these students are walking by faith (walking while looking down at some type of handheld device). The students seem totally oblivious to what’s going on around them. Continue reading

The Power of God is here to help you Lift Life’s Heavy Weights

the power of godThe Power of God can be used as your spotter when you find yourself under life’s heavy weights. Anyone who has spent time in the gym knows that you need a spotter in order to maximize your workout. The purpose of the spotter is to monitor your individual lifts to make sure the weight you’re under doesn’t come crashing down on you. When you’re lifting and come to the end of your set, a good spotter will step in and lift the weight up off of you if you can’t lift it. Continue reading

Cares and Worries. How to Deal With Them

caresCares and Worries Wiped Away – FREE Lifetime Offer!

What if while watching one of your favorite television programs you were interrupted by a commercial advertising a company that offered a miraculous new program. This new program is designed to completely wipe away all of your cares and worries for the low, low price of just $499.00 (or 3 monthly installments of $167.00).

What if this company offered GUARANTEED results and was willing to show you their client history of numerous testimonials from satisfied customers all over the world who have had their cares and worries totally wiped away for life! Continue reading

Father’s Day, 2012

Another Father’s Day has come and gone and with it came apologies from my children for not being able to do more for me or for not giving me gifts wrapped in festive paper and bows. And indeed, I have to confess that once again my children have missed the mark this Father’s Day. Another year has gone by without them realizing that they give me Father’s Day gifts daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year.  Continue reading