Tragedy Remembered – The 10th Anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina Tragedy

tragedyTragedy, whether near or far marks our minds forever. Today is the 10th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

Although 10 years has come and gone since the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, there are still residents who are displaced and homes that have yet to be rebuilt. As I sat and watched the documentary special on Hurricane Katrina yesterday, I marveled at the resiliency of the people of New Orleans. Continue reading

Rewards, Honor and Treasure laid up in Heaven

rewardsRewards aren’t given to those who don’t work for them. Depending upon the context, sometimes many years of hard work go into a job, project or a sport before rewards are doled out for accomplishments in a particular arena. Continue reading

Lies that Kill, Steal and Destroy

liesLies are destructive, we all know that. We’ve all been deceived by smooth talking snake oil salesmen that have sold us a bill of goods, some of which may have been brothers or sisters in the Lord. Overt lies are rampant but in this article I want to talk about lies perpetrated through mental deceptions that we are all susceptible to, but don’t have to succumb to. Continue reading

Prayer: Cooking in the Kitchen alongside the MasterChef

prayerPrayer is something that is extremely personal for each of us. As parents, just as the relationship we have with each one of our children is different, so it is with our relationships with our Heavenly Father and the way we choose to communicate with Him. Continue reading

Walking in the Anointing of the Spirit of God

walkingWalking in the anointing of the Spirit of God is whats necessary in these last days to win the lost. The anointing of God is an empowerment to do things that we cannot do in our own strength. As I speak about the anointing of God empowering us to do things we cannot do in our own strength, I’m not necessarily talking about the working of miracles or huge events taking place in our lives. I’m speaking of walking in an anointing for strength and power in our daily lives. Continue reading

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith is a Character Building Process

fighting the good fightFighting the good fight of faith is what the Christian is called upon to do. The fight is called the “good fight” because at the end of the battle we win.

However when you think about it, fighting the good fight can be applied to any battle we face in life if we’re committed and convicted enough to carry on fighting until the end. Continue reading

What Led me into the Arms of Homosexuality

homosexualityJames says his life used to be full of dark pain, lust and lies. But God transformed him. Today he shares his story from a heart of grace and freedom.

In the early ‘60s, I lived in a small town in Oklahoma with a family that looked perfect to the outside, but it was dark inside. I was sexually abused at age 5 by neighborhood teens and by my mentally ill father throughout my teen years. My parent’s divorce gained me an over bearing step father who hated me. My grandfather’s mistress took advantage of me. My controlling mother and grandmother were full of anger. I was longing for love and fell into the arms of homosexuality. Continue reading

Financial Prosperity: An Alien Gospel…..Really?

God is Good…..


Those who are financially prosperous don’t play by the rules….they write the rule book…

Financial prosperity within the church has been a major stumbling block for some Christians for quite some time. Now, before I get started here I’m going to ask that you bear with me. I’ve blogged here at FaithsMessenger.Com for over 3 years now and I’ve never gotten on a soapbox for any cause or position. I’m about to ruin that perfect record. Continue reading