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Faith Series Article #1 – Faith Comes by Hearing


Faith to receive the blessing of God is a vision within yourself of wholeness where there is lack in your life. The faith to produce the vision of victory within you comes by hearing God’s Word.

In Mark 5:24-29 we have the story of the woman with the issue of blood. The text says that the woman had suffered with this infirmary for twelve years. She had spent all her money on physicians and instead of getting better, she grew worse.

Imagine for a moment the mindset of the average person in this woman’s predicament. No one likes to lose money. How would you feel if you spent all your money on something expecting a return, but instead you lost it all. Not only did you lose all your money, you didn’t get what you were paying for. Not only didn’t you get what you were paying for, you’re worse off now than you were before you spent your money!

As your vision of answered prayer grows, no difficulty you may be facing in life will have the ability to stand against the force of faith in the power of God’s Word.

For most of us, all hope would be gone. In this woman’s case, she spent her money on healthcare. Physicians are the ones who are in the business of helping sick people get well. But yet, her health was declining instead of improving. I’m sure this was a mentally, physically and spiritually draining situation for this woman.

But in spite of what she was experiencing, faith came. Faith came by means of what she heard. Verse 27 says that when she heard about Jesus….

No doubt she heard about a man who was healing all manner of sickness and all manner of diseases. Hearing about Jesus gave this woman hope. It helped her form an inner vision that she too could be healed right along with the others Jesus was healing. Verse 28 tells us exactly what was on her mind. The bible says she thought, “If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed”.

This woman fought through the crowd of followers to get to Jesus. The bible doesn’t tell us how large the crowd was that surrounded Jesus, but I would venture to say that getting close enough to touch His clothes took a bit of effort.

Even so, this woman was not going to be denied. She worked her way through the crowd to touch His clothes. The bible says that as soon as she touched His clothes the bleeding stopped and she felt in her body that she was freed from her suffering.

In this woman’s situation, suffering for twelve years, losing all her money and her declining health were not enough to keep her from receiving the blessing of God. The spark that started the chain reaction to her receiving her blessing was what she heard.

Faith in God’s Word Conquers all

You may be in dire straits right now just as this woman was. You may feel down and out. You may be under more pressure in life right now than ever before. If this message speaks to you, I want to encourage you to hear about Jesus just as this woman did.

Spend some time listening to the Word of God as it pertains to your individual situation. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17). Allow God’s Word to paint a picture of answered prayer in your heart. As your vision of answered prayer grows, no difficulty you may be facing in life will have the ability to stand against the force of faith in the power of God’s Word.

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