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Gods Word: A Window into a World that Cannot Be Seen

gods word

Gods Word can and should be our guide to living productive lives. Living by faith dictates that there has to be something other than our own abilities that we can depend on to guide us through life. When it comes to living by faith, our “vision” is severely limited. Gods Word is the instrument that we can use to see into a realm that cannot be seen. Continue reading

Faith: Allowing the Master Chef to Prepare the Perfect Meal


The older I get the more I come to understand how little control I have over my life. I also understand how important it is to live by faith in God daily. We make decisions in our lives and we think we’re in control, but we aren’t. And if given the opportunity would you really want to be in control? Continue reading

Faiths Hall of Fame – Will You Be Inducted?


Faith in God and His Word is my passion. The subject of faith was my first major topic of study when I became a Christian. I’ve been intrigued by the topic of faith from day one. I love the concept of the battle between two realms, the seen versus the unseen and which of them will be more influential on our minds and hearts. Continue reading

The Truth vs. A Lie – Which Would You Rather Build On?

the truth

The Truth of God’s Word will forever stand the test of time. On the contrary, everything in this world we live in is subject to change. There is nothing that we can place our complete trust and confidence in other than the truth of God’s Word. Continue reading

Gods Word is the Image of things which Cannot be Seen

gods wordGods Word tells us not to look at the things that are seen, but at the things that are not seen (2 Corinthians 4:18). How do we look at things which cannot be seen?

An x-ray image has the ability to show doctors what’s going on inside your body. X-ray images show us things which cannot be seen. Many times doctors have been able to recommend evasive action based upon an x-ray image. Continue reading

Faith is Stubbornly Standing on God’s Word

faithFaith is taking a stance on something without wavering…indefinitely. Faith is unyielding. Faith is unstoppable. Faith is unrelenting. Faith moves mountains. Faith conquers. Faith overcomes all obstacles. Faith digs it’s heals in and will not be moved. Faith is like concrete, the longer it stands the stronger it gets. Faith makes no sense.

I heard a quote which says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. I absolutely disagree with that statement. In my opinion insanity is doing the same thing a few times, then quitting before you see results. Continue reading

A Childlike Trust in God

childlikeChildlike trust in God takes God at His Word regardless of all reasoning’s, trusting that His word is absolute truth. Likewise, our own children come into the world completely trusting our words as parents. I admit that I’m a practical joker…sometimes to a fault. I remember one particular joke I played on my eldest daughter Jackie, who is now 30. At the time of the joke she must have been about 3-4 years old. As we were driving past a manufacturing plant she eyed the tall exhaust vent with steam coming out of it. With a childlike fascination she asked me, “Daddy, what do they make there?” Without missing a beat I gave her the most honest answer I could at the time. I said. “Oh, that’s where they make clouds”.  😉 Continue reading

Faith to the Power of 7 – Having the Farmer’s Attitude

extreme faithFor the Christian, when we run into problems in our lives, we pray to God for deliverance from our situations. For some issues we seek counseling from a Pastor or leader in the church. Sometimes we request prayer from others in the Body of Christ to help us get past our challenges. Utilizing all of these resources is great but I’d like to deal with the mentality we should have as we seek relief from our problems through these various methods. Continue reading

The Nomenclature of a Scripture


While we listen not to the things that are heard, but at the things which are not heard. For the things which are heard are temporal, but the things which are not heard are eternal. Book of Greg, Chapter 10 verses 10-12…

Seeking Relief…

Imagine a piercing car alarm going off right outside your office window. Continue reading