What Led me into the Arms of Homosexuality

homosexualityJames says his life used to be full of dark pain, lust and lies. But God transformed him. Today he shares his story from a heart of grace and freedom.

In the early ‘60s, I lived in a small town in Oklahoma with a family that looked perfect to the outside, but it was dark inside. I was sexually abused at age 5 by neighborhood teens and by my mentally ill father throughout my teen years. My parent’s divorce gained me an over bearing step father who hated me. My grandfather’s mistress took advantage of me. My controlling mother and grandmother were full of anger. I was longing for love and fell into the arms of homosexuality. Continue reading

And the Word Became Flesh and Dwelt in our Household – Victory Over Infertility Issues

the wordWe were married in 1982. At 20 and 22 years of age, we weren’t real sure what direction we wanted our lives to go in, but one thing we knew for sure was that we wanted children.

Although we discussed the topic briefly, the question of whether we could have children or not never came up. There was no reason for it to come up. Having children was the natural progression of life for us….or so we thought Continue reading