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Fishing for Men: Character Traits of a Good Fisherman


Fishing is an art. Honing your skills as a fisherman can mean the difference between bringing in a bountiful catch and spending the day out on the lake with nothing to show for your efforts than a great sun tan.

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Salvation is a Process, Not a Single Occurrence

A Journey Toward Salvation

My mother was a praying mother. In fact, I give her most of the credit for “praying me into the Kingdom of God”. My mother never hounded me or presented Christ to me in a way that turned me off from receiving Him. She never verbally said very much to me regarding God or His Word at all. She simply prayed and gave me a visual example of what living a Godly lifestyle looked like. For years, when it looked like I was going in every direction but a positive one, she never lost the hope of her children living for God.  Continue reading