Building a Marriage Based in God versus a Marriage Built on Emotion

marriageMarriage is the stuffing of two individual lives, experiences, joys, pains and emotions into one container. And usually, that container is not large enough.

When you first met your significant other you were on cloud nine. You were kind. You were courteous. You were caring. You were creative and you were giving. What happened? Why is there such a drastic difference in our relationships now as opposed to when we first met our spouses?

Has the “spark” dwindled with time from your marriage? I would venture to say that it’s because the relationship started out based on emotion and not based on the decision to love. Falling in love carries with it tons of emotion. If the decision to proceed into marriage is solely based on emotion, the union is set up to fail from the start. Continue reading

Healing the Emotional Pain of Divorce – Recovery only God can Provide


Healing emotional pain can only be done correctly with God’s help. There is no pain like the emotional pain of a divorce or separation. I wish this type of scar on no one. The key to healing a broken heart as the result of the ending of a relationship is trusting God. Continue reading

Spouse Wars – Turning an Enemy into a Trusted Ally


Spouse Wars is the reality show that plays out in most households today unfortunately. The divorce rate even in the Christian Community is astronomical. Could one reason be because we have not recognized who our real enemy is?  Continue reading