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Respect: The Husbands Drug of Choice


Respect is the one thing that a husband must have in order for a marriage to thrive. Nowhere in the bible does it tell a wife to love her husband. Love is the fruit of respect in the eyes of a husband. Love is the byproduct of respect. Continue reading

Faith Fueled Husbands and Wives Create Strong Marriages


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). I’ve been writing about faith from several different perspectives in the FaithsMessenger blog. In this article I want to take a look at the subject of faith from the standpoint of how it can be used in relating to one another within the context of marriage. Continue reading

Marriage Survival – Avoiding the Appearance of Evil


Marriage survival in a world filled with traps, snares and the appearance of evil around every corner requires effort. A part of this effort is setting rules and guidelines in which you and your spouse are willing to work within. Continue reading

My Wife Really Irks Me – What to do when the luster of marriage is gone

my wife

My wife can be really irritating at times. All of her little idiosyncrasies that used to be cute are now really annoying. Like when she never gives me credit when I’m right about something. Or when she gives me wrong directions when we are going somewhere in the car. Continue reading

Enemy Tactic Exposed – Coveting Someone Other Than Your Spouse


Enemy tactics are rendered void if we have the enemy’s playbook and we know how he’s going to attack us before he actually does. In battle, a great advantage is gained when you know your opponents game plan or strategy. Knowing your opponents moves will consistently place you one step ahead of him and will certainly assure your victory. Continue reading

Infidelity: The Dirty Little Word That Begins with “I”


Infidelity begins with I. I believe that the act of marital infidelity rests solely on the person guilty of committing the act. Infidelity cannot be blamed on another person, your bad marriage, the circumstances, the way you were treated by someone else or the timing of the act. All responsibility for infidelity must rest on the shoulders of “I”. Continue reading

Waking up to an Angel – Starting the Day off with Gestures of Love

waking up

Waking up and getting your day started off on the right foot consistently can be tough. Some of us weren’t created “morning people”, so rising at the crack of dawn can be challenging at best for some of us. In this article I want to talk about one of the many small things I’ve found to be a positive in my marriage. Continue reading

My Wife is the Partner I Count on When Under Attack

my wife

My wife just sent me an Instant Message to let me know that she broke her glasses. Her plan is to get off work about 30 minutes early today and stop in at the Optometrist’s office on her way home to check on getting a new pair. We did the budget last night and needless to say, we didn’t work broken glasses into the budget.  No big deal right? Continue reading

Marriage: Real Life Can Never Compete With Fantasy


Marriage is something that most girls dream about from childhood. Everyone loves the story of Cinderella to the point where we have coined the terms “A Cinderella Wedding” or “A Fairy Tale Wedding” Continue reading