God Remembered…..the Power of Remembrance

God rememberedGod remembered Noah. God remembered Rachel. God remembered Abraham. God remembered His Covenant with His people. There are numerous places in the bible where we see that God remembered someone. And most of the time, right after God remembered, huge blessings flowed.

God remembering His people is amazing but I want to bring the power of remembrance down to our everyday lives. There is huge blessing attached to the power and ability to remember someone. Continue reading

Trusting God with our Most Precious Commodity

trusting GodTrusting God is easy….as long as we think we have some input into the situation we’re trusting God over.

It’s Sunday evening. It’s the middle day of the 3 day Memorial Day weekend. I just dropped my 21 year old daughter at the train station. She’s on her way to Riverside to spend the night with her mom.

My daughter isn’t a novice at travelling on the public transportation system. In fact she knows how to get anywhere in the Southern California area by train, bus or subway. I would call her a public transportation professional. Continue reading

Coming out of the Closet – Living From the Inside Out

coming out of the closetComing out of the closet is a slang term used for a person or group of people declaring to the world who they are, what they stand for, and how they intend to live their lives.

I can understand the desire to be who you believe God created you to be. I can also understand the frustration that must accompany hiding your true identity in an attempt to fit in to a society that holds different standards and beliefs than you do. Continue reading

Prosperity within the Church – A Different Perspective

ProsperityProsperity among believers is one of the most volatile and controversial subjects within the church world. I think it’s unfortunate that some Christians have limited the term “prosperity” and reduced it down to the acquisition of money.

Yesterday I enjoyed reading a post written by Pam Enderby. Pam’s blog is entitled Quiet Waters. In her blog post, “Is Anything too Difficult for God’, she mentioned just how vast our universe is. Continue reading

Unforgiveness – A Cancer of the Soul

UnforgivenessUnforgiveness is this; unforgiveness is that….yada, yada, yada. We’ve all heard it before. We all know unforgiveness is harmful. Yet somehow it still has the ability to woo us into accepting it into our hearts. How does unforgiveness keep weaseling its way into our lives?

Instead of talking about the target subject of unforgiveness, I want to talk about how to identify the remnants of unforgiveness.

I want to share with you the little tell-tale signs that we may not have forgiven an offense, even though we’ve prayed and are under the impression that all is forgiven. Continue reading

Swagger Gospel: Being in the World, not of the World

swaggerSwagger as defined by the Urban Dictionary is “how one presents him or herself to the world. Swagger is shown from how a person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person’s walk

Movie examples of actors who walk with swagger are Denzel Washington, Jason Statham and Clint Eastwood. Continue reading

Faith: The One Essential Element in Pleasing God

faithFaith is a building block in the life of the Christian. The Christian life is made up of many different ways to minister to those around us. Many are doing great and positive things for humanity.

Many are doing great things within the church, but without the one essential element of faith, try as we might, we cannot be pleasing to God. Continue reading

Your Mouth: The Window into the Heart

your mouthYour mouth or more importantly, what comes out of your mouth is a clear indicator of what’s going on at the center of your being.

We might be able to keep how we feel and what we think under wraps when all is calm in our lives, but when the pressure is on or when we think no one’s looking (or in this instance listening) who we really are will be revealed in the words that come out of our mouth. Continue reading

Precious Beyond our Wildest Dreams

preciousPrecious stones, jewelry, cars or anything else we deem valuable retains its value for one of two reasons.

We place value on items because of the workmanship that has gone into the item. Bentley and Mercedes  Benz are examples of products of value based upon the workmanship that has gone into the product.

We also place value on items and consider them precious because the item is extremely rare. Continue reading