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God Speaks to us in Ways That we Can Best Receive His Words

god speaks

God speaks to His children in many different ways. I have 5 children who are all different. To be effective as a parent, I have to communicate with each one of my children in different ways. They all  have different personalities and different ways that my words affect them. In order to reach them in a way that they can understand, I have to speak in a way that each one can best receive what I have to say.   Continue reading

Fellowship with Jesus: Building a Personal and Intimate Relationship


Fellowship with Jesus Christ through a personal and intimate relationship with Him is something that every Christian can enjoy daily.

Imagine being given the choice between receiving a book written by your favorite author or sitting down to speak with him or her in a one-on-one session to discuss their book, their life and their motivation for writing their book? Continue reading

Abundant Life is the Product of Seed Planted in our Hearts

abundant life

Abundant life is the product of seed planted in our hearts. As a child, I can remember having certain desires. I have no idea where these desires came from. All I know is that they were strong.

As I grew some of those desires became visions. Visions of the future. Visions of the kind of life I wanted to have. Some of my visions have come to pass, some are coming to pass and some I’m still working on. Continue reading