Intimacy Beyond Measure – God’s Quest for Renewed Fellowship

intimacyIntimacy is something that the core being of man craves just as food is craved by the human body. The thirst for intimacy has caused many of us to make decisions that we will regret for the rest of our lives. Intimacy with man, as desired as it may be, will never compare to intimacy with our heavenly Father.

A Cool Sip of Intimacy

Last Saturday was the 4th of July. Since we live on the parade route, participating in the festivities is a given. Each year preparations for this 2 hour event begin a full week in advance. There are easy-ups to be gathered, tables and chairs to be cleaned, food to be purchased and prepared and invitations to be sent out. Continue reading

Greater works than these shall YOU do

greater worksGreater works. That’s the dream every father has for his children. To excel beyond what they were able to do. That’s the dream I have for my children.

The Pride of a Father

This truth was illustrated just last week as the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2015 NBA Championship title. Both Dell Curry and Mychal Thompson are former NBA players. Both of their sons are current standout members of the Golden State Warriors. Continue reading

Our Heavenly Father is Proud of His Children

heavenly fatherOur Heavenly Father beams with joy when He sees the growth that has taken place in our lives. What stands out in our mind sometimes as we struggle to find our way through life is failure and defeat, but regardless of our struggles, our heavenly Father is proud of us. Continue reading

Aging with Grace: We Serve a Timeless God

agingAging is something that every living being must face. Although there are a myriad of products and diets on the market today to slow the effects of the aging process, we will continue to journey closer to the grave each day.

My parents used to say “youth is wasted on the young”. At the time, I had no idea what that phrase meant. But the older I get the clearer that statement becomes to me. Continue reading

Limiting God is limiting our Ability to Receive from God

limiting GodLimiting God and His involvement in our lives is something that we all do inadvertently. When I use the terminology “limiting God” I’m not speaking from the perspective of us handcuffing God in His ability to do what He wants. He’s God and from an ability stand point, He can do whatever He wants.

But from a spiritual stand point, it’s faith that moves the hand of God. We see in Mark 6:1-5, the people in His own hometown limited the power of God to intervene in their lives by their unbelief. Continue reading

Crossing the Threshold from Hope into Hopelessness

crossing the thresholdCrossing the threshold from the realm of possibility into impossibility. From thinkable into unthinkable, from challenging into utter defeat.

Some of us teeter between these two points each and every day of our lives. Most of the time we don’t stop and evaluate what event, force or occurrence actually pushes us over the unseen cliff of hope into despair. Continue reading

Imitators of Christ – Like Father, like son

imitators of ChristImitators are all around us. Our children are imitators of their favorite athletes. New trends in fashion begin by someone imitating the style of someone else. Mentors in various professions deal with interns who imitate how they conduct business in order to be successful. Continue reading

Eternal Legacies – Leaving a trail of Breadcrumbs that Lead to the Lord


Eternal legacies are people, places and situations that will live on blessing the lives of others long after whomever God has used to initiate the blessing has gone home to be with the Lord. Continue reading

Christmas Season, Christmas Lifestyle

Christmas Season

Christmas season is here again! There’s something extra special about the Christmas season. Even those of us who live in larger cities who have to deal with traffic woes, crowded shopping malls, and the overall chaos of city life find joy in all that the Christmas season brings. Continue reading