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Standing on Truth

faithOur Heavenly Father is the same yesterday, today and forever. He’s the same because He and His Word is truth. There is no higher reality than the truth. The truth will overcome any fact that you may be dealing with in your life. The key to overcoming the situations and circumstances we face in life is developing the art of remaining the same. It’s the ability to remain steadfast in your belief of God’s Word yesterday, today and forever.

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In the World but not of the World

not of this worldIt’s Memorial Day and as usual, I was the first out of bed this morning. I’ve always cherished the peace and quiet that comes with being an early riser. I do my best thinking / writing in the quiet of the early morning hours.

Not long after sunrise I was greeted with a “Good morning” from my wife. Her warm hands massaged the tired muscles of my neck and shoulders as I sat at the dining room table. Continue reading

Seeing yourself in Christ and Seeing Christ in you

Seeing yourself in ChristSeeing yourself in Christ can sometimes take a back seat to the cares and worries of this world unless we make a conscious effort to meditate on the fact that we are in Christ and Christ is in us.

Reminding ourselves on a continual basis that we are in Christ and that everything we are is because of Him can go far toward living the life of faith that we as Christians are commanded to live. Continue reading

Racial Dissension: A Message for Christians of Color

racialRacial dissension has been a part of this country every since its inception. From the disgusting way Native Americans were treated upon the arrival of Europeans, to our history of slavery, to every other injustice done to minorities, America indeed has a checkered past. Continue reading

Seek ye first the Kingdom

seek ye firstSeeking the Kingdom of God requires a different mindset. It requires meditation in God’s Word. Seeking the Kingdom of God first when things go awry in your life requires us to develop a trust in God.

Purposely doing that which is unnatural

A career in law enforcement requires one to change their way of thinking on many different levels. Continue reading

Renewed Strength – Growing Bigger, Stronger, Better…

renewed strengthRenewed strength from a physical standpoint is something that is worth more to mankind than silver and gold. The aging process forces us to look at life differently. At age 55 I can see things now that I had no clue about 10, 15, or 20 years ago. Continue reading

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

eclipseNothing is more fascinating to me than an eclipse. To see the workings of the heavens that our God has created is mind boggling. The technical definition of an eclipse is: the obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer. Continue reading

Temptations, trials and tests. What will separate you from God’s love?

temptationsTemptations, trials and tests come to all of us. Their goal is to separate us from the love of God. Now when I speak of being separated from the love of God, I’m not talking about God turning His back on us because of our failure to successfully pass through temptations, trials or tests. I’m talking about us turning our backs on God when we’re being tested. Continue reading