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Be Humbe

“For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11

There is but one way to ascending in God’s eyes, by descending in yours.  One of the quickest ways to get God’s attention is to put the well being of others above you.  That was Jesus’ way – Be humble.

The essence of the word humble is to be lying low or of lower degree. According to Kenneth Blanchard “It’s not that you think less of yourself, it’s that you think of yourself less.”  When you are humble you aren’t reducing your value or worth, but you are increasing the value of others.

Preferring Other Before Self

Preferring others before you requires a sincere desire to promote others.  God’s heart takes joy in this – to see you do well and live in your dreams.  He wants to see you free from pain and engulfed in pleasure. (Job 36:11)  Your prospering is His passion, and He will do whatever you allow Him in order to make it happen.  

A humble person has that same like passion.  They want to see others do well and succeed, even if it is at the expense of the immediate fulfillment of their dreams.  God is tender towards a person with a humble heart and rearranges the cosmos in order to exalt them.

Strong Yet Humble

A humble person does not have to fight for his or her own agenda.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  Because they care for the betterment of their fellow man, God takes up their cause and ensures their destiny.  I once heard humility described as strength under control.  It is when you have the strength and justifiable right to go first, to go ahead, to go above, or to even “go off”, but you choose not to in consideration for the other person.  

This concept cuts against the grain of worldly thinking because it operates on a system of self preservation.  It is natural to seek your own first and to desire to be the greater.  But this worldly system reinforces a thought process to get it at the expense of, or without consideration for others.

True Humility vs False Humility

False humility can originate from one of two sources.  The first being a poor self esteem.  This occurs when a person’s self portrait is so ugly to them that they can’t help but to see everyone as their superior.  Their humility is not a resolve to enhance others, but a result of an inferiority complex.

The other source is deceit.  We see this when a person appears to prefer others, but in their heart they are only doing it to promote their own agenda.  When they have what they want they abort the humility act and expose their true colors.  This form of humility will lead to some form of humiliation.  God will not be mocked, He looks at the deed and the heart and He repays.  Initially it may seem like they win, but in the end they lose!

What’s In Your Heart?

So inventory your heart.  Are your actions derived solely to promote self, or do they enhance others? Are you willing to take up others cause even if it means you may have to delay your own?  Remember God promises if you humble yourself under His mighty hand, there will be a season of exaltation scheduled for you.

I’m Andrew Freed and you are an Overcomer in Christ.

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