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Thanksgiving….a Way of Life


Thanksgiving is a way of life for the Christian. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus

1 Thessalonians 5:18.

The Blessing of God surrounds us continually. No matter how bad we may think things are in our lives, we all have something we can find to thank God for.

Sometimes, God’s continuous blessing in our lives can be taken for granted if we’re not careful. Good health, enough food to eat, a job, and safety for our families, are huge blessings that we should never forget about.

This page was created not only as a means for us as a Christian community to thank God for the many blessings He grants us daily, but also as a reminder that we can look back on and remember the many displays of love that our Father showers upon us continually.

Thankfulness Blossoms best when Watered Daily

We encourage you to register and share what you’re thankful to God for below. Feel free to come back monthly, weekly or daily and jot down what you’re thankful for and let’s make 2013 a Year of Thanksgiving.

14 Responses to “Thanksgiving….a Way of Life”

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    I thank you Lord for the love of my wife, and the health and safety of my family throughout the year of 2012…

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Once again another year has come and almost gone. I thank you Father for giving us the opportunity to get together to celebrate the kids birthdays this weekend.

  • BabuNo Gravatar:

    i praise God for all these wonderful days this 2012 and HE has blessed us much and especially in winning new souls in extending the kingdom of our Lord and also i praise God for this loving fellowship with brother Greg and his Teachings which has much impacted in our lives in reaching to these people here, please pray for the evangelism the coming days and years which is precious in the sight of our almighty GOD.

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for a beautiful view of the snow capped mountains this morning. I also thank you for working out the problems I’ve been having with the virus…what a surprise!

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    That SUV that pulled out in front of us this morning could have done us some serious harm. I never saw it coming but you did. Thank you Lord for your divine protection…

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for great fellowship last night with my brother in Christ. Thank you for providing a non-judgemental listening ear

  • GeorgannNo Gravatar:

    I thank you Lord for my daughter and her husbands faithfulness and ministry I pray your continued hand upon them as they grow in you. I also thank you Lord for Greg and pray that you will bless him and his family each day for ministering to others with these messages of faith, it is a blessing to read and be encouraging by your word through him, may he continue to be used by you.

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for quality time spend with Sam last night. Even though our plans fell through, you worked out a better plan for us…..thank you…

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for a great Life Group and I thank you for the amazing time we spent together this afternoon.

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for showing me how to eradicate the blog problems with a minimal amount of information or time loss!

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for working out the situation with our air conditioning / heating system and showing me how to service it today…

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord! 2 years ago today you sent my angel into my life and I've never been the same! Thanks for 2 amazing years of marriage.

  • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar:

    Thank you Lord for an amazing time with our Life Group yesterday!

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