Wives can sometimes be oblivious to the Heat


Wives are amazing, intuitive, supportive, kind and understanding creatures. But wives can sometimes be oblivious to things that are of utmost importance to men.

Last night was Game 6 of the NBA Finals featuring the Miami Heat verses the San Antonio Spurs. Last’s night game was an elimination game. I cleared my calendar out yesterday for the game. I had game time snacks ready and I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to check out of life and everything in it for 2 ½ hours in order to watch the game last night.

So 1 hour into the game, as I was hunkered down in my office with the door closed, yelling at Dwyane Wade through my TV screen, you can imagine the shock I received to my nervous system when I received a text message from my wife in the living room asking me if I wanted to go for a walk during halftime.

Our wives need to know that other than God, they are the most important people in our lives. This message impacts our wives in ways that are far reaching.

Some things in life just aren’t supposed to be done. You don’t paint a hat on the Mona Lisa. You don’t change the oil in your car in a 3 piece suit. You don’t attempt to chop a tree down with a butter knife and you don’t ask a man if he wants to go for a walk in the middle of an NBA Finals elimination game.

But thank God wisdom prevailed and I agree to do so. Not because I wanted to. Not because I’m a wimp or a wussie. I agreed to because I needed to send a message. I agreed to because sometimes wives need to know just how important they are to their men.

So, I set the DVR and we went for a walk. During our walk my wife shared with me how she thought she did on an interview she had for a new position she’s considering. We talked about several other issues that were on her mind during the walk. The things we talked about during our walk are not the main point of this story. What is important is the fact that my wife needed to spend time with me.

There was a time when I would have gotten upset with her over the thought of going for a walk in the middle of a game. There was a time when this one incident would have caused dissension between us that would have lasted all week long.

But instead, we spent 30 minutes of quality time together, we got some exercise, and she got some anxieties off her chest regarding her interview. But most importantly, she got to see that a basketball game, no matter how important to me it was, doesn’t come before her.

Our Wives need to know that they come First

Men, messages like these impact our wives spirit’s in ways that are far reaching. Our wives need to know that other than God, they are the most important and valuable people in our lives.

We got home and I resumed my game. Fast forwarding through commercials, I was caught up to the live action in no time at all and I watched the Heat beat the Spurs by 3 points in overtime to prompt a Game 7 this Thursday night. And as with game 6, I’ll make sure to use my DVR to record it if necessary.

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