Expecting Victory Yields Victory


Expecting: to look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance of…to presume as likely to happen.

Its mid-August as I write this post and the Los Angeles Dodgers have done something that hasn’t been done in major league baseball in 115 years. They have won 40 out of their last 48 games.

It’s pretty clear that what we set our minds to can come to pass in our lives. Our challenge is to change what we are expecting to happen in our lives.

In a recent interview, outfielder Andre Eithier was asked what he attributed the Dodger winning streak to. He said, “The difference in how we’re playing now as opposed to when the season started is that now, we expect to win”.

Seeing your victory

Expecting to win can bring victory in any area of life, including sports. There are numerous scriptures that talk about the mind and what we should draw our attention to. The bible even goes so far as to say “as a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

It’s pretty clear that what we set our minds to can come to pass in our lives. Our challenge is to change what we are expecting to happen in our lives.

Last weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to fellowship with an ex-church leader and his wife. When we met this couple months ago, they told us about the prominent role they played in their church years ago. Both seemed to be outstanding leaders both in their community and in their church.

During our time of fellowship last week, the wife spent quite a bit of time running down to us her litany of physical ailments. From her fibromyalgia, to her lupus, to her migraines, to her sore back, to her chronic fatigue. Not only did we have to hear about all of her illnesses, we got to hear about all the things she can’t do because of all the illnesses.

Not one time in her discourse did I hear anything about what God has done about her sicknesses and diseases. Not one time did I hear her glorify God and tell us that she was expecting to see the power of God rid her body of the chronic pain she was suffering from.

I understand that not all Christians believe that God is still in the healing business, but even if He wasn’t, with the way she was talking, even natural forms of healing such as prescription medication, a modified diet, vitamins, and exercise wouldn’t have a chance of helping her.

She had programmed herself to expect to have bad days physically. As she shared her pain with us, you could tell that she was well versed in sharing her misery with others. There was almost a badge of pride that went with her physical struggles.

What are you expecting out of life?

Take a look at your life right now. What have you been expecting to get out of life? Are you living a life of expectancy, or are you simply enduring whatever comes your way?

If you’re not happy with your life currently, I challenge you to change your expectations. Get into God’s Word and begin to expect the kind of life that God intended for you to have. Expect to win in life. Expect victory in every area of life.

Your life will never rise above what you are expecting. Change your expectations, and change your life.

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