Go Through Hard Times Leaving a Holy Wake of Destruction in Your Path

go through

As Christians, we all go through things. Negative situations and circumstances arise in all of our lives for many different reasons….some known, some unknown. But I want to take a moment to tweak your way of thinking about how we are to go through things.

Definition: through, or to go through – to annihilate, to pulverize, to utterly destroy, to strike with violence, to move with force, to overcome resistance.

If you’re feeling down get up, dust yourself off and go through something. And if you’re blessed enough that all is peaceful in your life right now, get up and go find something to go through!

OK, let me illustrate my definition of the term “to go through” something. When a SWAT Team goes through a door, they leave it utterly destroyed.

When a military tank goes through a village, very little is left in its path.

In football, when a running back goes through the defensive line, linemen are left on the ground licking their wounds.

My point is that when the enemy gets in our way and tries to stop or deter us from fulfilling our mission in life, he should pay a heavy price for doing so.

What if we change the way we think about the things we are going through and take an offensive posture, armed with the sword of the Spirit…The Word of God and go through life’s challenges, destroying each and every one of them along the way? I’ll tell you what would happen…..

1 – The world would see a group of world over comers, and

2 – We would come out on the other side of our battles stronger, bolder, more confident and most importantly with testimony.

I challenge you to ask around in the circles you travel in and find out how many people around you would love to be weak and you probably won’t get very many takers.

Then ask a different group of your friends or associates if they’d like to be strong and you’ll probably get everyone you talk to to jump on that band wagon.

So, let’s show the world what real power and what real strength is by being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10) and completely destroy each and every challenge that shows up in our lives by holding fast to God’s Word as we go through things.

Go through challenges using the Power of God

The bible says that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). The Power of God is at work within you to overcome every situation and circumstance of life. Begin to aggressively go through any challenge that would dare stand in your way.

If you’re feeling down get up, dust yourself off and go through something. And if you’re blessed enough that all is peaceful in your life right now, get up and go find something to go through!

Watch the brief video below and gain a new perspective on what it means for the Christian to go through things. Then get up, go look your challenge in the eye and hit it straight on. Go through it and knock it flat on its back as you go..

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