ENOUGH! The Woeful Day the Bully went too far

bullyHave you ever been bullied? Well let me ask that question a different way. Do you know someone who has been the victim of a bully?

Fighting someone else’s Battles

If you’ve witnessed bullying on any level, you know how humiliating it can be. I can remember witnessing a friend being victimized by the middle school bully. I remember how pitiful he looked walking home after school. He looked like lamb going to slaughter.

There is a small minority of people who will shout from the mountain tops…ENOUGH! These believers will refuse to bow down to a spiritual bully. They will lift up the standard of God’s Word against the enemy and do exploits in the Name of Jesus.

I remember trying to get him to muster up the courage to stand up to his attacker. I remember trying to stick up for him. I realize now that standing up for him only prolonged the inevitable. Eventually, the bully approached my friend when I wasn’t around and had his way with him.

Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation. Maybe you’ve done all you could to be the protector of someone else. Maybe you’ve invested quite a bit of time attempting to fight someone else’s battles for them only to come to the realization that only the victim could right his or her wrongs.

Sadly, very few people who are bullied ever stand up to their attackers. But every once in a while, on extremely rare occasions a victim will grow tired of being the victim. If you’ve ever witnessed the transformation of someone from victim to victor, it’s an event you’ll never forget.

The Illusion of intimidation

I had one such friend who had been the victim of a bully for over a year. He had his money taken from him. He had his lunch taken from him. He was punched in the face and beaten almost daily by the school bully for no apparent reason.

No matter how much others tried to get this kid to stand up for himself, he never did. Until one day…

The school day came to an uneventful end like all the rest. As we began walking toward the bridge we could see Johnnie waiting for my friend. Johnnie waiting on the bridge for my friend wasn’t unusual. Again, it was a normal typical day, or so I thought.

Johnnie started off by tripping my friend. He face planted onto the deck of the bridge causing his nose to bleed profusely. Then Johnnie asked my friend for money. Johnnie didn’t find any money in my friends’ pockets, but what he did find was a nice new compass. My friend received the compass from his step-dad for his birthday.

Johnnie took the compass and put it in his shirt pocket. As soon as my friend saw Johnnie pocket the compass his face turned beet red. He yelled (or maybe screamed would be a better description) something that none of us could make out.

He began to kick and wave his arms around (later we determined that these must have been attempts at punching). One of these punches caught Johnnie under his chin, causing a deep cut.

It was as if the frustration of a whole year of beating was coming out of my friend at one time. He was a crazed animal! Johnnie was on the ground by this time making futile attempts to get away from the madman that was on top of him.

After a few minutes of fists swinging and blood curdling screams (both from my friend and Johnnie), Johnnie reached into his pocket and gave my friend his compass back. With the adrenaline still pumping, my friend took the compass and we all ran off toward home.

That one single out-of-control event changed how my friend interacted with Johnnie forever. He was an over comer. He had swag. No longer did he walk in fear of Johnnie. He had garnered a reputation that preceded him wherever he went. By beating up the school bully, he became legendary.

That one event changed Johnnie forever as well. He lost his swag. He lost his fear factor. He became small in the eyes of those who once revered him for all the wrong reasons.

Satan is a bully

After I became a Christian, I thought back to this story often. As Christians we have to deal with a spiritual bully in Satan. Maybe you are being victimized by him right now.

Maybe he’s taken your money. Maybe he’s inflicting sickness and disease on your body. Maybe he’s attacking one of your loved ones. Sadly, the majority of Christians will continue to be victimized. They will continue walking below their privileges in Christ.

They will continue to call others to come and pray for them when they run up against the smallest of problems. They will live their lives never discovering that the enemy will wait to catch them in a situation when they are alone and continue to beat the spiritual crap out of them.

There is Victory in Jesus!

However there is a small minority of people who will shout from the mountain tops…ENOUGH! These believers will refuse to bow down to a spiritual bully. They will lift up the standard of God’s Word against the enemy and do exploits in the Name of Jesus.

This group of believers will take up the Sword of the Spirit and cause the enemies’ blood to flow. We will resist him at every turn and the bible says he will flee from us.

So I ask you today, which camp are you in? Will you remain a victim or are you a victor? Our victory is guaranteed in Christ Jesus! If you’re tired of being victimized I encourage you to submit yourself unto the authority of God’s Word. Resist the enemy and he will flee from you!

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