The Will to Overcome

I love the message in this commercial. God has given us “wonderfully made” bodies. He has given us amazing minds to control our bodies. And He has given us free will to complete the package. We’ve heard of people all over the world who have faced daunting circumstances and have overcome them. Once the quality decision has been made to overcome, the challenge is over. The will to make something happen cannot be denied. The video clip shows Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls playing in game 5 of the 1996-97 NBA championship series against the Utah Jazz. Michael Jordan was not only the best basketball player in history, but is arguably one of the best athletes of all time. During this time in his career, MJ was the backbone of the Chicago Bulls. Before this game he had been in bed all day with flu like symptoms and was suffering from dehydration. But Michael made the decision to lead his team; just as he had all season long…..flu or no flu. So with a temperature of over 100 degrees, that’s just what he did. He led his team on to victory, scoring 38 points in a 90-88 victory over the Utah Jazz. The Bulls went on the win the NBA championship that year.

I don’t know if Phil Jackson or Michael Jordan are Christians or not. But I can say that I’ve never heard either of them giving glory to God in any interview or news article. So for this illustration I’m going to assume they aren’t. So with all the examples of non-Christians doing amazing things all around us, what are WE doing to display the miraculous power of Jesus Christ to those who are watching us? We all have bodies, we all have minds and we all have the human will. In fact, we have an advantage that those outside of Christ don’t have.  The creator of heaven and earth lives within us and the Holy Spirit, our divine “helper” has been given to serve as our power source and yet I have a hard time getting up out of bed on a rainy Sunday morning to go to church? I think there’s something wrong with this picture that I need to straighten out. Meditate today on Acts 1:8, Philippians 4:13 and Ephesians 6:10. Let these scriptures remind you of the power you have dwelling on the inside of you. Power that you have access to 24/7/365. Make the quality decision to be an overcomer, then go out and make it happen!

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