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The Power of Agreement

the power of agreement

The Power of Agreement is an overwhelming force. We see the power of agreement in the Tower of Babel story taken from Genesis 11:1-9. In the story the people, all speaking one language, decided to make a name for themselves by building a city with a tower that reached the heavens.

God, seeing that the people were in agreement, intervened and confused their language so that they couldn’t understand one another and scattered them all over the earth.

One of the most powerful and amazing opportunities to experience the power of agreement is simply the believer acting in agreement with God.

That’s the power of agreement. When the people are one, nothing shall be impossible unto them. This principle is true with sports teams, in corporate America, in churches, or in marriage.

The game plan of our enemy is to divide and conquer. Have you ever noticed that when you are living in sin (practicing sin as a way of life), your first inclination is to separate yourself from the church, and from family, and friends? Long established fellowships begin to break down. You begin to think that no one understands you and your unique situation. Think about this rationally for one moment. Out of all the billions of people that have ever been born, do you really think that no one has ever gone through what you’re going through?

Your problem may be rare, but it’s not unique. And yet, the message that the enemy will whisper in your ear is that no one will understand your predicament. DON’T FALL FOR IT! He’s trying to divide and separate you from others. And when he’s able to get you separated from others, he can keep you defeated. Our power comes from remaining connected to others who will pray for us and get into agreement with us that God can bring us through whatever situation we find ourselves in.

The Power of Agreement with God

The bible never said how many people were involved in the Tower of Babel incident. All you need are at least two people to unleashed the power of agreement. Obviously the more people involved, the more challenging it will be to get everyone to agree. One of the most powerful and amazing opportunities to experience the power of agreement is simply the believer acting in agreement with God. God has given us His will (the bible), so we know with all certainty what He thinks. All we have to do is agree with it, believe it and act on it.

The person that you started out in prayer with may lose hope and stop praying. Your spouse may change his or her opinion on what you started out in agreement on. Circumstances today may be totally different than they were yesterday. But Praise God that you can get into agreement with God and trust wholeheartedly that His Word will never change.

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