Stepping out in Faith – Blind Curves Ahead

stepping out in faith

Stepping out in faith in situations where we can’t see the outcome of our journey can be frightening. Sometimes as we make necessary decisions in our lives, we literally can’t see what’s around the next curve.

I recently wrote an article entitled “Living in the Here and Now” where I talked about forgetting about both the past and the future and concentrating on the things going on in our lives right now. Stepping out in faith in your walk with God requires you to turn your blinders on and deal with nothing more than the present.

Giving God something to work with

It’s great to pray and believe that God will bless you in your endeavors, but we have to give God the raw material to bless in order to be the recipients of the abundance that He has for us.

Each day as I sit down in front of my blank computer screen, I’m stepping out in faith, not knowing where God will lead me.

For instance, if I pray for a job but yet sleep in until noon every day and spend my afternoons lounging around the house waiting for my job to show up and knock on my front door, I’ll probably be waiting for quite some time before I get my prayer answered…if ever.

That’s an extreme example, but I want you to get my point. I find that explaining the concept of stepping out in faith as we walk through this life of trusting God is most difficult for younger people to understand.

Our young people are bombarded with information about how bad the economy is, about how tough it is to buy a home and a myriad of other negatives by the prophets of doom and gloom.

These negative seeds are planted and become ingrained in their hearts and that negative outlook taints how they view their prospects in the world.

I heard one teen after a job search say “I turned in 3 applications and all the employers turned me down. With this economy, I’ll never find a job”.

Sometimes our halfhearted efforts in life limit God in how He can cause blessing to flow in our direction. In actuality, we are the blessed of the Lord. There’s nothing the economy can do to change that. Our job is to get out there and talk to people, network, make contacts, and turn in applications if that’s applicable. Our job is to remain positive and develop a resolve to never give up.

Many think that they need to have the talent, the knowledge and be equipped BEFORE God can use them. Nothing could farther from the truth. Nothing keeps me motivated more than the realization that God is at work in my life. God is at work whether I can see what’s around the next curve or not. God is at work whether I can feel Him working or not.

Stepping out in faith with untalented hands

I’m not the most educated person and I’ll readily admit that. I’m not the most spiritual person in the world, and I readily admit that. But when I sit down in front of my blank computer screen, I’m stepping out in faith, not knowing where God will lead me. As I yield myself to Him, something beautiful comes out of my hands. This happens day after day, week after week and month after month.

This FaithsMessenger blog began as a personal journal. It started out as me simply sitting down and jotting my feelings down about things that were bubbling up in my spirit. Now, after 3 years and 550+ blog messages, the words are still flowing out of my hands. I sit here each day and I read what God has written and all I can do is thank Him for delivering His message.

This blog is about trust in God from start to finish. I trust that He will deliver His words through these hands. I trust that His message will reach who it’s supposed to reach and I trust that the words in each of these posts will be edifying to those who read them.

Stepping out in faith can indeed be a daunting task. But we serve a God who is well able to lead and guide us. And WHEN we botch things up, stumble and fall on our faces, our God will reach down with a huge smile on His face and joy in His heart and pick us up, rejoicing in the fact that His child was bold enough to step out in faith and give Him something for His hands to bless.

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  1. Glad to see another person step out in faith. When we are asked to do something unknown He will make known our part. When we follow Him we will receive such amazing blessings.

  2. Great perspective, Greg. May God continue to bless you as you sit down in front of your computer screen!


    Great post Greg! Stepping into the unkown can be a scary thing many times. And yet, taking a step out the front door in the morning can also be scary as we know not what the day holds.

    Having been unemployed for months I know about turning in apps with no result but mine was not three but over 100. Then God took me the right person and viola I am gainfully employed looking to the future. It took prayer and perseverance.

    Thanks for the post. May it inspire others to step out.

    • Thank you for your comment! I have a friend who was let go from a prominent position within the World Vision organization. He was unemployed after the layoff for 5 years. It was a humbling time in his life. But 3 month ago he found a job that fits him to a tee. The key to all of the trials we go through is trusting God. No one knows the where, when’s and the why’s. But we do know that if we hold on to His Word our later end will be greater than our former. Thanks again!

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