Spreading the Gospel: The Sweet Smell of Jesus

spreading the gospelSpreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a responsibility that we all have as Christians. “Spreading the Gospel” historically has conjured images in the minds of most that we are to go out and verbally preach the salvation message to a lost world.

Sharing the salvation package that Jesus provided through His death, burial and resurrection is a huge part of spreading the Gospel, but I don’t believe it is the only way to preach about Jesus.

Spreading the Gospel through Controversy

In past months, Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty TV series has come under fire over comments he made in an interview with GQ magazine.

Continual photos of Phil Robertson and captions under his name on my Pinterest page prompted me to find out what all the hoopla was surrounding this man. Although I’ve seen the Duck Dynasty TV show in passing, I didn’t know who Phil Robertson was until recently.

Just as in biblical times when the religious leaders did all they could to suppress spreading the Gospel message, attempts at suppression only fueled the Gospel fire and caused the opposite effect and the Gospel spread like wildfire.

Unless there is something more to the Robertson story than I’m aware of, I fail to see what everyone is up in arms over. We are blessed to live in a country where we can freely express our viewpoints, which is what Mr. Robertson has done.

As Christians, we maintain an allegiance to God the Father through Jesus Christ. The bible is the book we believe and attempt to live our lives by. So far so good, right? I haven’t offended anyone yet have I?

Christians believe in God, who has given us a book that we attempt to live by. In this book we’re attempting to live by, our God has said that there are certain things that are an abomination. Since we are Christians, not only do we believe in God, we also believe in what He said, for what good does it do to believe, follow and worship a God and not believe in what He said?

So, long story short we believe God’s Word. Mr. Robertson says he is a Christian. He believes God’s Word. Up until his “controversial interview”, being a Christian and believing God’s Word worked out fine for Mr. Robertson and his family.

So what caused the uproar? Mr. Robertson opened his mouth and expressed what he believes. He shared his viewpoint. Again I ask, what offense did he commit? I happen to agree with Mr. Robertson’s views but even if I didn’t, how could his statement possibly be considered “anti” anything?

I love the freedoms we enjoy in this country. However, when freedoms are extended to some and those same freedoms are suppressed in others who share their personal thoughts, views and opinions, huge problems arise.

We Serve a Fragrant God

spreading the gospel

As Christians, there is nothing wrong with verbalizing our beliefs. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing and should be extended to all. I also believe that as Christians, we carry with us the fragrance of God simply by virtue of our presence in the world.

Spreading the Gospel simply by our presence

Just as the aromatic aroma of the sweetest rose cannot be contained, our presence can sometimes speak louder than our preaching or verbally sharing our beliefs. God’s fragrance comes through in the love we spread, in the hope we have, in the faith we live by and in the peace that permeates our being.

Just as in biblical times when the religious leaders did all they could to oppress those who were charged with spreading the Gospel message, their attempts at oppression only fueled the Gospel fire and caused the opposite effect and the Gospel spread like wildfire.

The same is true in this incident with Mr. Robertson. Special interest groups may rise up. Various leaders may seek to squelch our thoughts and viewpoints. The powers that be may seek to banish us from television, but the curiosity caused by the powers that be will only result in more people seeking out this Jesus and the principles outlined in the bible and the sweet smell of Jesus that we carry on us everywhere we go will not be contained.

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  1. The whole thing with Phil Robertson is just a publicity stunt. Reality television is not real… a fact which many ignored when they thought their precious beliefs were being trampled on. But, for sake of argument, let's pretend he is a real person and the character he portrays on television is the real and true Phil Robertson…

    a) A&E knew his beliefs when they started the show. So, anything he said in an interview was probably already known also by A&E. But what better way to increase ratings than to start a little controversy?

    b) even if by some chance, A&E was not aware, Phil's rights still were not trampled on. In countries where there is no freedom of speech or freedom of religion, this man would have been stoned or hung or shot or at least imprisoned. He wasn't. Our amendment keeps the government from making laws against speech/religion. It does not say that a private enterprise can't fire you. Phil should be glad he's still alive – in some countries, just saying "I believe the Bible" would have gotten him shot.

    c) he did NOT just say he's against homosexuality. He also made claims that African Americans were happier as slaves. His comments were rude at best.

    I do believe we should spread the message of the Gospel. But, we should also recognize that the freedoms offered in the US are based on what the government can and can't do. They don't protect you from angering a boss, a friend, a neighbor, a church, etc. Just be glad you can carry a Bible and say "I'm a Christian" without getting shot.

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