Spiritual Growth Opportunities within our own Household

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Spiritual growth opportunities can sometimes be found in abundance within our own households. What better environment could there be for spiritual growth than among those who we are the most relaxed around? 

There have been various pastors and teachers over the years that God has used to help me grow as a Christian. One of the reasons I have such high regard for these ministers is because they freely share their personal victories as well as the challenges that plague them to this day.

But what if there was a Ministerial reality show of the lives of these leaders in our churches? What if we were able to listen in on the words they speak and the way they react during times of pressure? Would a peek into their personal lives cause us to have a different opinion of them?

Even though most of us aren’t called to fill an office within the five fold ministry to the church, we all have a mission field in our own backyards. All Christians are commanded to go out and share the gospel.

Even though most of us aren’t called to fill an office within the five fold ministry to the church, we all have a mission field in our own backyards. All Christians are commanded to go out and share the gospel. I think sometimes in our Christian lives we can fall into the trap of seeking to minister to “those people out there” while we neglect those right under our own roof.

Its easy to become lax when dealing with those who we are closest to. If we aren’t careful, we can become more willing to minister to those outside of our household than to those within our own household.

When the phone rings at 3AM would you be more willing to talk through a problem with a dear brother or sister from your church with patience and prayer than you would your own 16 year old daughter who knocks on your bedroom door at 3AM simply wanting to talk?

Are you more patient and kind to your receptionist at work than you are to your wife at home? Would you be more apt to display the Fruit of the Spirit to people in the marketplace while leaving the left over pits for your family members?

27/7 Spiritual Growth Opportunities

God has given us an amazing opportunity for spiritual growth right under our noses by walking in love within our own household. God has given us family. A 24/7 opportunity to work our spiritual muscles.

In most instances it’s more difficult to walk in the Fruit of the Spirit at home than outside the home. But, Praise God! The more difficult the challenge, the greater the possibility for spiritual growth!

I believe it’s God’s design that we grow in love, peace, patience and in all of the Fruit of the Spirit. God has placed us in a spiritual “Petri dish” (within the confines of family) whereby this growth can take place amazingly fast.

As was said earlier, sometimes walking in the God kind of love may be exceedingly difficult at home. The rewards, however can be huge if we recognize the opportunity for spiritual growth that has been placed right under our own roofs.

Let’s not miss out on any more opportunities for spiritual growth. Let’s examine ourselves and if the world is getting all of our good fruit and our families are getting the leftovers, let’s turn that situation around. Join me as we minister to our families first, our neighbors, our city AND THEN the world!

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  1. Another great post!

    I was having a google+ discussion yesterday regarding God calling us to teach. True, only some are called to be part of the 5 fold ministry, but I truly believe we're all called on in some way to teach the Gospel, whether that be in our own home, our neighborhood, our community, our church, etc. You're absolutely correct though that we often forget about our own family. I think we just take it for granted at times the spiritual teachers we can be to our own spouse and children.

    By the way – you mentioned what if there was a reality show about the lives of these ministers… there was a reality show not long ago called Preacher's Daughter or something like that. It was more from the viewpoint of teenage daughters, but gave a good glimpse into the home lives of 3 different pastors. I found it pretty interesting… but, I'm a reality show junkie.

    • I hear you Brandi…I’m a reality show junkie as well. I’ve seen commercials for the Preacher’s Daughters show but I’ve never seen it. We watched the first season of Preachers of LA here. I wasn’t that impressed. I don’t think it’s going to be back for another season.

      I think we become so relaxed and used to family that we forget that they need examples too. No one wants to feel like they are “on” all the time. We make an effort to put forth a good showing in public, but at home we relax and tend to drop our standards of living because being “on” is fatiguing.

      I think we need to lower our level of being “on” in the public eye to being more natural and raise our level of relaxation at home to a point where we are even keel in both our public and our private personas…..ha! Becoming a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Christian is way easier said than done!

      Thanks again….

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