Senses cannot be trusted in our age of technology


Senses were given to us to gather information. They are the sensory preceptors that allow us to function and operate productively in life. The problem comes when we begin to lean on, rely on and trust our senses where our relationship with God is concerned.

Don’t allow what you see on the movie screen of your life to overwhelm your senses. No matter what movie is being played out in your life always keep in mind that God’s Word is more real than any special effects the devil may be trying to distract you with.

We are well into the technology age. In fact, technology has evolved to the point where our senses can be easily deceived. But even thought our senses can be deceived, we can still calmly trust in the truth, knowing that the negative images being shown around us can’t affect us unless we allow them to.

Our senses overwhelmed by Special Effects

We can go to the movie theater today and see Los Angeles crumble into the Pacific Ocean. We can witness New York being taken over by alien beings. We can watch as our favorite actor leaps off a building and flies across town at the blink of an eye.

The level of realism that Hollywood has perfected in the movies we watch today is capable of taking our senses to places they’ve never gone before. The only reason why we don’t run from the theater in fear for our lives based upon what we see on screen is the fact that we know what we’re watching on the big screen isn’t real. Knowing the truth affords us the ability to watch our hometown being torn apart on screen and laugh, text, fall asleep and all the over things that take place in a movie theater without giving our safety a second thought.

Likewise, the master of illusion, the devil can take what we see in life and paint a picture in our minds that seems amazingly real. The cost of fuel, the cost of housing, the cost of food, the cost of education, attacks on our bodies with sickness and disease, and a myriad of other things that we see every day can overwhelm our senses to the point that we forget about what should be more of a reality to us, God’s Word.

Sitting in a movie theater and watching the world being blown to bits doesn’t cause you to run from the theater because you know that what you’re watching, no matter how realistic it seems, isn’t real. Knowing and relying on God’s Word as the reality in our lives is like sitting and watching the world being blown to bits but not being panicked because you know what you’re watching is fake. It’s phony. It can’t affect you.

Reality vs Lies

When the enemy tries to attack your mind and tell you that you will never be able to afford to send your kids to college, the key is to sit back and laugh just as you would in a theater as you watch your city being decimated by aliens because you know the truth is that your God will supply all your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)

When grim tests results come from a physical exam and your doctor gives you a less than positive diagnosis, you can sit back and grab a handful of popcorn and continue enjoying the show. Why? Because you know that the truth is by Jesus stripes, you were healed (1 Peter 2:24).

Don’t allow what you see on the movie screen of your life to overwhelm your senses. No matter what movie is being played out in your life always keep in mind that God’s Word is more real than any special effects the devil may be trying to distract you with.

If the movie that’s currently playing in your life gets too intense, get up and take a walk outside in the sunshine of God’s Word. The reality of the Word of God will remind you that what you were watching in that dark theater was only an illusion. God’s Word will never be overcome by the phony images your enemy is showing you.

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  1. Wow I must say "Reality vs. lies" something I am trying to grab a hold of. I do know this is true , and yes we should do this, when you are going through hard things, and I am learning…:….:.

  2. This is so true. Again I try to live this way, and most of the time succeed. I am doing my best to teach it to my husband. he is sometimes a worry wart as they used to call it. Everything he sees on the news, CNN, etc he starts worrying. The whole 12/2012 world ending thing was fun. But he is starting to get the idea. When he starts getting upset about something, I ask him "is there anything you can do about it/to fix it?" When he says "no" then I tell him "then don't worry about it, trust God to bring you through it." He is getting much better. Great post as usual.

    • I like your plain, simple approach “Is there anything you can do about it?” Realizing that we have so little control over our lives arrests us to the fact that worry, doubt, and fear are real but useless emotions. I look back at all of the seemingly hopeless situations I’ve faced in my life and I realize that somehow, someway I made it through. The same will continue to be the case. God will continue to deliver His people as His people trust in, rely, on and lean on Him to carry them through. I love your comments Kimberly, thank you!

  3. For me, reality must point back to Christ in order to be Truth. Jesus Himself is the definition of Truth. This is why many indulge in entertainment; it's easier to believe a lie, in a way. But in the end you always come up empty.

    Once you're resting in the peace and Salvation of the Gospel, the Holy Spirit will make you see through anyone's deception. This is why Christians should never be afraid of Holywood – we can spot their anti-Christ themes from a mile away.

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