Rewards, Honor and Treasure laid up in Heaven

rewardsRewards aren’t given to those who don’t work for them. Depending upon the context, sometimes many years of hard work go into a job, project or a sport before rewards are doled out for accomplishments in a particular arena.

Rewards for Hard Work

This weekend was Hall of Fame weekend. It’s the weekend when the new NFL inductees into the hall receive their “Gold Coats” and give their induction speeches. It’s a very emotion weekend for the inductees and their families.

For the Christian who toils here in this life, there is coming a rewards ceremony. One day we too will walk a gauntlet in celebration of the things we’ve done in this life. Where will you be when the rewards are being handed out?

Being the football fan that I am, it’s hard to believe that this year was the first year that I actually sat down and watched the Gold Coat ceremony. The auditorium was packed with family and friends of the Hall of Fame inductees. As each inductee’s name was called, he walked through a gauntlet of current Hall of Famers, all donning their Gold Coats and welcoming the newbies into the fold. It was a touching moment.

As these new Hall of Fame inductees looked back on their lives and the journey that brought them to this weekend, many can look as far back as Pop Warner football as children and mark that as the beginning of their road that culminated this weekend in the Hall of Fame. No doubt over the years they’ve had countless trainers, mentors, coaches and teachers. They probably attended more football camps than they can remember. They’ve suffered more aches, pains and broken bones than you or I can imagine.

But all their struggles culminated this weekend with the recognition of all their efforts by the NFL and their induction into the Hall of Fame. The commentator of this weekend’s festivities pointed out that since the NFL was established in 1920 and estimated 150 million players, coaches, referees, and broadcast personnel have been associated with the league. And out of the 150 million people that have been associated with the league, only 293 people have had the privilege of wearing the Gold Coat and having their bust enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

Christianity and the 80/20 Rule

It has been said that in business and otherwise, roughly 20 percent of any whole produce 80 percent of the results. There are many economic examples where a small percentage of the population controls the biggest chunk of wealth, which clearly demonstrates the 80/20 rule. There are business examples such as 20 percent of employees are responsible for 80 percent of a company’s output or 20 percent of customers are responsible for 80 percent of the revenues. These are not hard and fast rules. Not every company will be like this and the ratio won’t be exactly 80/20, but chances are if you look at many key metrics in a business there is definitely a minority creating a majority.

I believe the 80/20 rule also applies to the work being done within the Body of Christ. I believe of all the good works being done around the world by and through the Body of Christ, it’s a minority that is responsible for affecting the majority of change in the world.

Where will you be during our Rewards Ceremony?

rewardsFor the Christian who toils here in this life, there is coming a rewards ceremony. One day we too will walk a gauntlet in celebration of the things we’ve done in this life. Where will you be when the rewards are being handed out?

As stated above, there have been over 150 million people who have had the honor of being associated with the NFL since 1920, but only 293 of them have had the honor of wearing the Gold Coat as inductees into the Hall of Fame. What side are you on in the 80/20 formula within the Body of Christ? If you see yourself as being on the majority side of the formula, I encourage you to step up your game. We have the great commission of going out into the world and bringing as many people into the Kingdom of God as possible.

I encourage you to seek God as to where you fit in to His plan and purpose for your life. Seek to be a member of the minority who are going out and doing exploits in His name. Not many years from now, you just may find your name being called in celebratory fashion as you rise from your seat to receive rewards for the diligence you showed in fulfilling your role here on earth within the Body of Christ.



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  1. What a thought provoking post Greg! As a huge football fan of many years(free Tom Brady) I to was able to watch some of the ceremony. I really enjoyed seeing Tim Brown represent God so well in his Hall of Fame speech.. It crossed my mind that I will get to meet this Hall of Famer in heaven one day! I know that I have lived most of my Christian life in the 80% while my professional has been in the 20%. My focus was not putting God first. However, since the stroke my priorities have changed and I will be honored to receive any award from my Lord and Savior! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I always enjoy them and I am blessed. Have a wonderful Sunday. God bless!

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words Horace. I would ask you to join me in prayer that someday Tom Brady would evolve into even half the QB that Peyton Manning is….lol…

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