Protection from the World by Wearing the Mask of Conformity


Protection from the hurts and harms of those around us comes second nature to most. National security, home security, protection of our personal property, protection of our computer files and every other form of protection under the sun fills our minds constantly.

But by far the most widely used protection system known to mankind is the protective masks that each and every one of us wear to protect ourselves from one another.

In fact, we have taken the task of protecting ourselves to another level by not only masking who we are, but in many cases attempting to become that which we seek to protect ourselves from.


Protection through association

Fitting in and the need to conform to the manner of those around us in order to avoid ostracism is something that we’ve all had to deal with on one level or another.

Fitting in and the need to conform to the manner of those around us in order to avoid ostracism is something that we’ve all had to deal with on one level or another.

When dealing with our young people, we label being forced to wear the mask of conformity “peer pressure”. I’ve always believed that peer pressure was something that affected only young people.

I’m learning that peer pressure and the desire to conform as a means of protection from others is a lifelong battle for some. Pressure to wear the mask of conformity actually intensifies as we grow older.

A child who breaks down or acts out under the stress of pressure to conform, doesn’t raise eyebrows in society today. In fact, peer pressure is expected to a degree.

On the other hand, it can be terrifying for a responsible adult who may have the admiration and respect of his family and friends to crumble under the pressure that conformity brings.

So to make sure that all weaknesses are concealed in the circles we travel in, we pick up more and more masks, burying who we really are under tons of falsehoods and lies.

There is no place where our masks are displayed more prominently for others to see than in the church. If there was ever a place where we should feel at ease and be able to lay down our masks and be ourselves it should be in the church. But in many cases, I find that the church is one big masquerade ball.

Maybe we want to portray the images of what we think reflects the life of Christ. Maybe we want to make others believe that the Word we say we believe is actually working in our lives. Maybe it’s a sense of pride. But in most instances, I find that we as adults are still wearing the masks of protection we’ve held onto from childhood.

I don’t have the answers. This article isn’t about providing answers. This article is written to cause us to take a good long look at ourselves in the mirror and begin to deal with what has been hidden behind the various masks we have worn for years.

Put away your mask, the party is over

We will never truly experience life until we are at liberty to put down our masks and freely be the people that God created us to be. If you’ve lived your life attempting to protect yourself from the comments, thoughts and opinion of others I encourage you to take a look at who you are. Look deep inside yourself and rediscover you.

Begin to take the necessary steps to become the person God created you to be. Step out in faith and lay your mask of protection down while simultaneously allowing God to be your protector.

True happiness in life can only be attained when you are living for God, expressing your personality, thoughts, views and opinions in the way He created you to.

Aspiring to be ONE OF a million goes against the very nature of who you are, a unique one of a kind creature of God. Instead, seek to be ONE IN a million. Dare to be different and allow God to express Himself through you like He can through no one else ……other than you.

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