Protection and Deliverance from Harm


Protection from the destructive forces of this world is something that’s very easy to take for granted. Particularly if you consider your life mundane and relatively uneventful.

My wife emailed me recently to ask me to pray that she would be able to comfort a co-worker who had lost her nephew in a tragic car accident. The child had just graduated from elementary school 2 hours before his life was taken by a reckless driver.

The parents of the child was allowing him the celebrate his graduation by sleeping over at the home of a classmate. They thought their child was safe. The accident happened about 4:00PM, but the parents didn’t find out about the crash until 3AM the next morning.

I attempted to put myself in the shoes of these parents being awakened at 3 AM by a Sheriff’s Deputy bringing the news of the death of my son.

To think that you could even make it safely from your bed to your morning cup of coffee in the hostile environment we live in without God’s protection is ludicrous.

I thought about what it must feel like to celebrate the graduation and passing of my son from elementary school on to middle school. I thought about the sigh of relief that comes with leaving behind one milestone in life only to find out hours later that the passing was that of life unto death instead.

I couldn’t help but think about the unknown dangers that encompass us daily. We all are aware of obvious dangers in our lives. When facing dangerous situations, we face them prayerfully and with caution. But danger is like roaches. If you see one, there are hundreds in close proximity that you cannot see.

If we could somehow be made aware of all the dangerous situations that surround us on a daily basis, we would be afraid to get out of bed in the morning. Facing the day without prayer and the acknowledgement of the protection of God at work in our lives to keep us and our households safe is the biggest mistake any of us could make.

The bible says the angel of the Lord encamps around and about them that reverence (regard or treat with deep respect) Him and delivers them…Psalm 34:7.

To think that you could even make it safely from your bed to your morning cup of coffee in the hostile environment we live in without God’s protection is ludicrous.

If you are reading this message, there is an unseen angel sitting (or standing) right next to you. His assignment is to protect you. He’s been with you, more than likely from birth. He is an angel of the Lord. Without this divine protector sent by God, you would not be here right now. We have all experienced what we have labeled “close calls”, but I submit to you that there are no close calls in life. There is no such thing as luck. God’s protection over your life is deliberate and purposeful.

Reverence breeds protection

As you go about your daily tasks, be mindful of God’s protection which surrounds you. Live your life in reverence of the Lord. Revere Him because of who He is. Revere Him because of what He’s done on your behalf. Revere Him because you are His creation. He sacrificed His only Son as an act of the love He has for you. In your reverence of Him, He has promised to protect and deliver you. And without His moment by moment protection, you wouldn’t be reading this message right now.

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  1. I pray every night before falling asleep, but I admit to not always thinking about it in the morning. This is probably the most important time to be praying. When your day is beginning, you are sending your children off to school, etc. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. If we don't pay attention we will be eaten. (see 1 Peter 5:8)

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