Praying through Struggles – Building a Stronger Marriage


Praying is something that I’ve always viewed as being a very individual and personal thing. My God knows my heart; therefore it doesn’t matter if I stumble over my words and have difficulty bearing my soul to Him.

As a result of my beliefs about prayer, I’ve discounted the importance of praying with my wife over the years and instead, opted to pray for my wife privately. Since day one, my wife has always known that I pray for her.

Although I have been praying for my wife on my own for years, there is a bonding that takes place between us when we pray together that’s different than what I experience when I pray for her on my own.

My wife works in a hostile work environment. That’s the only real way you can look at it. Hearing her vent to me about the people she has to work with, the conditions she has to work in, and the stress she has to endure has affected both of us for years.

Although I’ve always made an attempt to be there for her and support her on a daily basis, there still was a huge part of me that felt absolutely helpless.

To see her drag herself out of bed, sometimes with tears in her eyes and face another day of drudgery is heartbreaking for me.

A few days ago, out of the blue before she got out of bed I grabbed my wife’s hand and prayed with her and for her. I included a prayer covering our children and for the safety of us all throughout the day.

Since the first day we prayed together, I’ve made an effort to keep this practice going and today I sensed a strength that I have never felt before.

Although I have been praying for my wife on my own for years, there is a bonding that takes place between us when we pray together that’s different than what I experience when I pray for her on my own.

Praying for versus Praying with

Whenever we are placed in a situation where we have to fight through a situation with someone, a bonding takes place that is distinctive to that particular person and that particular situation.

There is a reason why combat veterans get together regularly long after whatever conflict they were a part of. The connections that were created in the heat of battle have bonded men together in such a way that they are brothers for life.

I experienced this same type of bonding on a much lower level during my law enforcement career. There is something about knowing that you are going through a struggle with someone as opposed to going through struggles alone.

I believe the distinctly different power or strength that I’m feeling is the result of us knowing that even though I’m not on the job with my wife physically, we connected spiritually before she ever set foot on her job site.

During her day at work and my day at the office we both can look back and recall what we prayed about with an expectation that God would honor our prayer.

Where two or three are gathered together in His name….

There is power in prayer. Each and every day I’m learning just how powerful prayer can be. Not just in moving the hand of God or in getting through a troublesome situation in life.

Prayer is powerful from the standpoint of bonding like-minded people together. Praying with your spouse can be an intimate tool in driving the enemy out of your marriage by strengthening the bond between the two of you.

If you haven’t embarked upon this spiritual journey of praying together as a couple, I encourage you to join together with your spouse and begin to battle through the obstacles of life together.

Give God the glory as those around you begin to see you overcome in all areas of life while becoming closer in your relationship with one another.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'll be praying more for my husband on my own and with him. I know that God is the only one can change circumstances.

    I was looking for work for a long time. I prayed and confessed so much. God led me to leand on Him. I got so job offers in the end. Prayers that work. WHat I recently learn is praying in tongues before praying in English is so powerful because it leads us to connect with the will of the Holy Spirit. It leads us not to pray in the flesh but with the will of the Holy spirit, things you will never think of praying in the flesh.

    • Amen sister! I recently took on a part time driving job from 3:30AM to 5:30AM on Monday and Wednesday. I’ve been praying in the spirit during my drives and it certainly does take your prayer life to another level. Talk about being energized! Thanks so much for your comment!

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