Prayer Patience – Staying Patient during the Download


Prayer for specific things either for ourselves or for others is the most common type of prayer for most Christians. While there is nothing inherently wrong with praying for things, we need to understand that most of these types of prayers aren’t answered immediately.

So, what do we do in the interim period as we wait patiently for the manifestation of what we prayed for? The temptation for most of us, especially when we don’t see anything happening that would indicate that our prayer is coming to pass, is to allow doubt and fear to rob us of answered prayer.

Personally, I’ve found that if I can keep my mind occupied during this interim waiting period, it’s easier for me to exercise patience and not lose my prayer to doubt and unbelief.

Don’t allow doubt to come in and interrupt your download. Stand strong and know that if you remain strong in faith the time will come when you will see “Download Complete” and the answer to your prayer will be revealed.

Somehow, if we can see indicators of gradual progress being made toward a goal, it’s much easier to remain focused on reaching the goal.

Unfortunately, when dealing with the things of God we are not afforded that luxury. We are commanded to walk by faith and not by sight. Our assurance of what God may or may not be doing related to answered prayer in our lives has to come from His Word alone.

Even so, there are still tactics that I use to quiet my mind and help me remain strong in faith during times of prayer. Prayer is similar to downloading a program from the internet. Most of us have downloaded pictures, software, ebooks or some sort of file online.

When your download begins, most of the time you will see a download graph which indicates how much of your file has been downloaded. I remember during the early days of the Internet, sitting in front of my computer in an attempt to download a file and praying that I wouldn’t lose my Internet connection.

Back then, if you lost your connection you had to start the download all over again. Today, when your Internet connection is broken most programs will allow you to start again where your download left off. In those early days, an extremely slow computer and a lousy Internet connection meant ridiculously long download times compared to the speed at which downloads happen today.

Answered prayer requires diligence

To help the mental attacks that you will face when you pray, use this download analogy to help you remain strong and see the fruit of answered prayer in your life. With each and every day that you wait to see the answer to your prayer, imagine the download graph slowly inching its way over to the right.

Don’t allow doubt to come in and interrupt your download. Stand strong and know that if you remain strong in faith the time will come when you will see “Download Complete” and the answer to your prayer will be revealed.


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4 comments to Prayer Patience – Staying Patient during the Download

  • KimberlyNo Gravatar

    Great analogy, it is so hard for some to have patience with anything let alone with the Lord answering prayer. We all expect instantaneous results to whatever it is we are waiting for.

    • gregwinfieldNo Gravatar

      The exercise of patience sometimes seems to be becoming a lost art. I think we could benefit if we remove the element of time from our prayers by saying something like, “OK, I intend to stand on the promises of God FOREVER, or until such time that the situation I’m going through is resolved, whichever comes first” we would be a lot better off. The element of time is what we wrestle with. If we remove it, the battle would be a lot easier.

      Thank you so much for your comment Kimberly. I’m enjoying your blog posts! Have a great day….

  • YvetteNo Gravatar

    Gregory ,I think you do an excellent job with Faithmessenger,Please continue to allow God to use you.

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