Prayer: Cooking in the Kitchen alongside the MasterChef

prayerPrayer is something that is extremely personal for each of us. As parents, just as the relationship we have with each one of our children is different, so it is with our relationships with our Heavenly Father and the way we choose to communicate with Him.

Spending time with the MasterChef

One of the television shows my family has become consumed by is MasterChef. We enjoy the Food Network and all the wonderful recipes and Chef’s that have graced the channel over the years. Now with MasterChef, we have a show that has incorporated completion into the mix.

Make God your continual prayer partner. Talk to Him and with Him as though He were there seated right next to you because in actuality, He is.

I heard a description of prayer during service last week that hit the nail on the head for me concerning prayer in a way that I’d never heard before. Our Pastor described prayer as us cooking in the kitchen with a MasterChef, creating wonderful dishes daily.

Our Father God is the MasterChef. He doesn’t need our help in order to create His divine prayer delicacies. However, He has invited us into His kitchen to be a laborer together with Him to create prayer dishes side-by-side with Him each and every day.

Anytime is the right time for Prayer

For many years I felt guilty because I didn’t have a designated prayer time. Using the kitchen analogy above, I never felt the need to run into the kitchen, throw on an apron and labor with God to prepare a prayer meal in my life. Then after the prayer meal was taken out of the oven and placed on the counter, take my apron off and leave the kitchen until time to cook the next meal.

When I became a Christian, I found myself hanging out in the kitchen with God all the time. For as long as I can remember, my prayer life has consisted of simply talking to God on a continual basis. There has never been a designated time, or a special event that prompted our conversations. We simply hung out in the kitchen and prepared meals all day long.

Sometimes we make something light together like soup (prayer that my freshly planted flowers wouldn’t die, for example). Sometimes we get into elaborate meals like lobster thermidor (prayer for someone battling cancer). What we prepared in our prayer kitchen had to do with what’s going on in my life and in the lives of those around me on any given day.

 Prayer is a relationship, not an event

Spending time in prayer is actually living a life of prayer. Sure there will be specific things that rise up in your life that need specific prayer. But if you keep your prayer apron on and remain in the prayer kitchen with the MasterChef, nothing that rises up in your life will catch you off guard. No issue will occur in your life that will cause you to crumbling under the pressure of having to prepare an elaborate meal on the spur of the moment.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to put your prayer apron on and cook with the MasterChef on a continual basis, I invite you to spend some time in God’s kitchen. Make God your continual prayer partner. Talk to Him and with Him as though He were there seated right next to you because in actuality, He is.

Putting on your apron of prayer and staying in God’s kitchen 24/7 will bring a calm that’s incomprehensible when an urgent need arises and you need to prepare something tasty at a moment’s notice.

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