Power vs Authority – Knowing Our Rights in Christ

Power vs Authority

Power vs Authority: JB was one of the sharpest recruits in my academy class. She was a great communicator, which is one of the most important tools to be equipped with as a Law Enforcement officer.

JB stood approx. 5’2″ and weighed about 110 lbs. She graduated at the top of our class academically. After graduation, we both were assigned to a maximum security male jail facility.
JB worked the PM shift and I worked the night shift, which means that I was the Deputy assigned to relieve her of duty at the end of her shift. Our facility was a direct supervision facility, which means that the Deputies are locked inside the module with the inmates.

With the authority we have been given in the Name of Jesus we can do exploits in His name! And when we exercise our authority, we have the one who is all powerful backing us up.

The cells that lined the walls were open all day and all the inmates were allowed to roam free to watch TV, workout or talk among themselves at their leisure.

I remember night after night of walking up to the module at 10:00PM and seeing a huge circle of inmates…maybe 30-40 all focused in on something taking place in the middle of the circle. Once inside the module, I found JB in the center of the circle talking to the guys about life experiences and things that would come in handy for them once they were released from jail.

It took me quite a while to get used to seeing this tiny female engulfed by these huge guys in a way that reminded me of story time when I was a child in elementary school. There’s no way JB had the power to fight off an attack from any one of these guys, let alone 30-40 of them. So what gave JB the courage to interact with these inmates as she did?

The answer: Her authority.

If given the choice between power and authority, I would choose authority any day. Even though JB had limited physical power against the inmates, she had the ultimate authority to make these guys lives a living hell if she used it.

She could deny them their main meals; she could petition that they lose their “good behavior” credit which would prolong their time in jail. She could send them to a 24 hour confinement unit. She could take away their TV privileges. She could take away their workout time. She could deny their visitor privileges. She could deny them the privilege of sending and receiving mail. She had so many options at her disposal, all of which are backed by the Sheriff of LA County himself.

A few years later I worked a patrol unit with JB. I’ve seen her direct traffic on many occasions during special events. I’ve seen this 110 lb. woman raise her hand and stop 2 ton big rigs in their tracks based upon the authority that she was given by the County of Los Angeles.

Likewise as Christians, we are no match physically for forces that may come against us. However we are more than conquerors spiritually and can (and should) triumph in every attack. We as Christians have been given authority by Jesus Christ. We don’t need to match physical strengths with our enemy! We couldn’t even if we tried. But with the authority we have been given in the Name of Jesus we can do exploits in His name! And when we exercise our authority, we have the one who is all powerful backing us up.

Authority supersedes power

I bring you the good news today that you no longer have to let your “Big Rig” sized problems steam role over you. Jesus has given us all the authority we need to stop our problems in their tracks (notice, I didn’t say you would never have anymore problems). Begin to exercise the authority He has given you in the Name of Jesus and watch His Word begin to change things in your life.

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy and nothing will harm you. Luke 10:19 NIV

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  2. This is so true, I dont care if someone has money , power and greed to some, but with God backing you up, two words……they lose

    • Ha! Agreed! Thanks for the comment Laurie. This has been proven time and time again. There have been so many millionaires who have ended up jumping off bridges because at the end of their quest for wealth and power, they found that life wasn't all about power and weaalth….

  3. HI Thank you

    I send you an email, not sure if you received it, ,however I am curious and I love Gods words , they are so interesting, however I am a bit curious about one thing. I like to be inquisitive when it comes to things i just need answers for.

    Since in the day of the bible writings and the day of Jesus, (maybe you should write a blog on this, I love your stories and read them all) how did the bible stay true to Gods words the way he intended over decades.

    who translated the bible, who wrote it and where was his words found, since in the beginning of time there were no pens and paper.

    How did it stay word for word what God said.

    Also I do believe that God is the only one that can predict the future and some of us dont get it. They see everything as a scientific fact and yet it is not.

    The so called "end of the world" I knew that was just hearsay, I however do believe God has plans for us in the new year and I believe sinners are going down.

    I also believe that God knew everyone was expecting something on the 21, hence why nothing happened. God likes to surprise us when we least expect it.

    God is funny that way, he wants all authority given to him.

    Have a good day
    thank you

    • Hello Laurie,
      First of all, I thank you for your comment….
      I’d like you to know that by no means am I a bible historian. I’m just a plain, simple person who loves to write about the simple messages God lays on my heart to share in this environment.

      I have not done my own research on the topic you are asking so all I can do is give you my opinions and what I’ve been told by bible scholars.

      How did the bible stay true to Gods words the way he intended over decades? I believe the basic message of the bible was able to stay true to God’s Word over the years because the author was God himself, using men’s hands to write His thoughts.

      The bible was originally written in one continuous narrative. The chapter, verse designations and punctuations were added by man. I’ve seen grammatical and punctuation errors in various versions of the bible, but the words themselves are the inspired Words of God.

      The Old Testament was originally written in the Hebrew language, and the New Testament was originally written in Greek.

      It’s virtually impossible to translate languages word for word, simply because words in some languages have many different meanings whereas the same word in other languages may have fewer meanings. In studying the scriptures in English, it’s important that we trace words back to their origin to determine what message the author is trying to get over to us in the context in which his words are being used.

      Who wrote it and where was his words found? The 66 Books of the Bible were written by different writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John etc). To find out who wrote the individual books, I would encourage you to get a bible which has an intro before each book.

      These intro sections usually give a brief history of who wrote the book, the period in which it was written and various aspects of how the book came to be written.

      Who translated the bible? We have a myriad of different translations of the bible today. I have no idea who wrote the original translation.

      We have all played the game where a message starts at one end of the room and is whispered from person to person and ends up a completely different message by the time is reaches the other end of the room.

      I’ve often wondered about that same concept being the case where the scriptures are concerned. What keeps my hope alive in the scriptures we have today as still being the correctly inspired Word of God is that I’ve acted on them and I’ve received results in my life.

      I’ve received answers to prayer. I’ve been miraculously healed. My family has been protected from harm. I’ve seen miraculous things take place in the lives of others who have believed.

      I supposed the only real way to know if something is valid is to try it out. I’ve tried it, and it’s worked for me. Thanks again and I hope I’ve addressed your questions fully.

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