Power to be a Witness In spite of Your Surroundings

power to be a witness

Power to be a witness for God in an environment where Godly values don’t seem to be of importance can be difficult. Even more difficult is not allowing the vices of the world to attach themselves to us and change who we are in Christ.

Another Christmas has come and gone and with it came the battle over video games. Jordan was the proud recipient of an Xbox game system this year.

God gives us the power to be a witness for Christ many times in situations and environments that aren’t ideal.

He’s older now so he’s pushing for us to allow him to play more violent video games. Games whose subject matter his mother and I don’t agree with.

Actually, he’s been lobbying for a relaxed gaming content policy from his mom and I for months. I think he had an idea that he was getting an Xbox for Christmas months ago and wanted to have our blessing to play the more mature games by the time Christmas rolled around.

So yesterday we had our recurring debate, discussion, negotiation, argument (whatever you want to call it) over a game he wanted to buy that doesn’t meet our criteria.

Jordan’s argument was that since he is exposed to foul language all day every day at school and it hasn’t influenced or affected him thus far, why should we care if his games contain a few choice words.

His thoughts are that since the foul language he is exposed to at school hasn’t changed who he is or how he behaves, there’s proof positive that video games won’t affect him negatively either.

On the surface it’s a valid point. However, I was able to present a different argument that I think may have made Jordan see things from a different perspective.

The Power to be a Witness at School

I posed the following question to Jordan….

What if God set things up so that the kids that you spend time around at school…the kids who curse like sailors…the kids who have been labeled “Bad Kids” are to be influenced by the good behavior you exhibit in front of them? What if you have been given the power to be a witness for Christ to the bad kids?

If this were the case, it might be reasonable to think that you may have to hear some unsavory language in order to be a good witness to the bad kids. Maybe God is giving you the strength to be able to hear a certain amount of foul language without it affecting you so that you can be a good witness to the bad kids. In essence, you are affecting those you are around as opposed to them affecting you.

However when you come home and play your video games, you can’t impact your game. You can’t change your game, however a steady diet of things that don’t glorify God can change you. You can’t impact the game but the game can impact you therefore exposing yourself to foul language for no reason at all is pointless. 

At first I thought this analogy was a little weak, but to my surprise I saw the light bulb come on in his little brain and he was able to understand my message.

The Power to be a Witness wherever we are

Actually the message is the same and is applicable to us as adults as well. There are things that take place in the workplace that most of us have to endure on a daily basis that don’t necessarily glorify God. God gives us the power to be a witness for Christ many times in situations and environments that aren’t ideal.

But just because we are resistant to the ill effects of the environments we find ourselves in doesn’t mean that it’s wise to invite what takes place in our work environments home with us and surround ourselves with activities that don’t glorify God.

Maybe you’re tempted to bring home a few vices from your work environment simply because you’re exposed to them at work and it doesn’t seem like you’re being affected by them. I encourage you to examine yourself.

If we take the time to examine ourselves and the ways in which we can be an example to those around us, God will make the things that need to be excluded from our lives crystal clear.

As you leave your home each day with the power to be a witness for God, be a skillful warrior throughout the day. Infiltrate enemy lines and be a good witness for Christ. Then at the end of your day be careful not to allow vices into your home that you’ve spent all day combating against.

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  1. That's a very good argument. There is a reason why we are called to be salt in the world.
    Of course, later on he might be a witness in the gaming community 🙂

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