Persevering in Prayer – Are you God’s Joseph?


Persevering in prayer through tough situations is something we all must make a quality decision to do. Tough times in this life are guaranteed to come. What will you do when you reach that fork in the road where you’re tempted to give up, cave in and quit, versus persevering to see the manifestation of your prayer?

Planting Seeds for Future Harvest

Persevering through hard times was Joseph’s hallmark. God gave Joseph two dreams when he was 17 years of age. In Joseph’s dreams he saw himself as ruler over his brothers, his father and his mother. Little did Joseph know at the time that he would have to suffer many trials before he saw the realization of his dreams.

Take the time to develop the inner vision of what God has already said in His Word regarding your situation. Store that inner vision inside of you and feed off of it along your journey.

If you read the accounting of Joseph’s life you will find that he was thrown into a pit and sold into slavery by his brothers. He was given up for dead by his family. He was enticed into but resisted an illicit sexual relationship with Potiphar’s wife. He was falsely accused and thrown into prison. In prison he was forgotten about by his cellmate, the Chief Cupbearer, whom he helped get released from prison.

If you continue following the story of Joseph’s life, you will find that eventually God promoted Joseph from prison and made him 2nd in command of all of Egypt. Have you ever stopped to consider what fueled Joseph’s fire during the hard times he went through? What helped to keep his head held high through the tumultuous seasons of his life? It was the inner vision that God had given him. Our inner vision is the fuel that we need to sustain us through the tough times until our prayer is realized.

Never go on a Hike without Water

When going on a hike, it would be foolish to start out without water and fuel in the form of protein bars or some other form of sustenance to nourish us until we reach our destination. Those who are really into hiking carry backpacks filled with everything they need to sustain them on their hike.

The same is true when it comes to our journey of prayer. Having a firm and solid inner vision of our prayer goals aids us in persevering along our prayer journey until we reach our goal.

On a backpacking trip, if you had a never ending source of food and water, and were able to get the proper amount of rest each night, theoretically you could backpack forever. Under these circumstances, persevering until we complete our trek would be a piece of cake. Likewise, the clearer our inner vision of the answer to our prayer is, the stronger and longer we can hike along our prayer journey.

Are you a Novice, or are you a Professional?

I like to hike, but I’m not a professional hiker. Backpackers could be considered professional hikers. If a backpacker asked me if I’d like to go on a hike with him, more than likely I would decline. Why? Because a 3-4 mile hike for me would probably be just a warm up for a backpacker.

Before our hike is done, I would probably become a burden to a backpacker and end up slowing him from reaching his destination. When it comes to major hiking trips, I’m definitely a novice….even though I love hiking.

Take Responsibility for Your Journey

The same is true when it comes to starting out on your prayer journey with a host of other Christians. I think it’s great that we have brothers and sisters who are willing to walk beside us and agree with us in prayer. We have biblical precedence for praying in agreement with one another (Matthew 18:19).

However no one knows how long it will take you to reach your prayer goal. No one knows the intricate path you may have to walk to reach the answer to your prayer. No one knows the attacks you may have to endure in the middle of the night. No one knows the amount of pain and suffering you will go through to see your prayer goal materialize.

When the going gets tough, you have no idea if your prayer partners will be around to lift you up. In the midnight hour when everyone is telling you to give up or that maybe it’s not God’s will that you get what you are praying for, you can’t allow those who started out with you in prayer to become distractions to you and prevent you from persevering to reach your prayer goal.

Persevering Along Your Journey Alone

Others may start out down the road to answered prayer with you, but if they fall away, you are never alone. If you plan on persevering in prayer, you must be willing to travel your path in partnership with your Heavenly Father alone.

If others are willing to walk beside you, great, but don’t make the mistake of depending on others to stand strong with you until the end. Don’t be surprised or disappointed if those who started out with you fall by the wayside. Treat the support you get from others as a fringe benefit and not something that will cause you to fall away if they withdraw their support.

The Clearer the Vision, the Easier Persevering Becomes

It takes courage to pray certain prayers. What gives us the courage to start out on what may be a long daunting road to answered prayer is the vision of answered prayer we carry inside of us. If you’re about to head out on a long journey of prayer, I encourage you to take the time to meditate on God’s Word where your situation is concerned.

Take the time to develop the inner vision of what God has already said in His Word regarding your situation. Store that inner vision inside of you and feed off of it along your journey. Keep your eyes focused on the trail ahead and it will be only a matter of time before you look up and see on the outside what you have seen on the inside for so very long.

Persevering in Prayer is the key to seeing the Will of God manifest in your life.

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