Our God is an Amazing God – Who Also Has a Great Sense of Humor

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Our God is an Amazing God – Who Just Happens to Have a Great Sense of Humor. My eldest son Jay graduated college with a certification in his field of choice. Finishing school while trying to provide for his young family was tough, but he finally made it through school.

After graduation, he dedicated himself to finding a job. Application after application was submitted but no employer seemed interested. Days turned into weeks but no one hired him. A few employers called, and he went on an interview here and there but no one called him back.

Our God is with us every moment of everyday. Our God feels our pains. Our God knows our concerns. Our God has a plan for our lives. And His plan for our lives is never the alternate plan. His plan for our lives is the first option…the best option.

Weeks turned into months. None of us thought it would take this long to find work. Especially since he did the research and was sure that graduates in his field of study were in demand.

All throughout the process I have been amazed at Jay’s attitude. His refusal to give up or get discouraged was amazing for me to see.  Many times I spoke to him with the goal of being his cheerleader and lifting his spirits. On such occasions I walked away from those conversations as the one who’s spirits were lifted. His demeanor through these tough financial times has been remarkable.

6 months went by and still no job prospects. We wondered how many applications you could possibly turn in and still get no response.

As we arrived at the 1 year mark finally, my son contacted me with good news. He was hired today! We Praised God together….

But when he told me who he will be working for, I almost fell on the floor….

In 1978, fresh out of high school, my first job was with a company that did inventories at major chain stores. For someone right out of high school, it was a great job. Since working there years ago, I have always held the company in high regard.

My son will be working for a branch of the very same company that gave me my induction into working class society. He will be doing inventories just as I did years ago at some of the same locations I used to work at.

Our God Has a Sense of Humor

With all the job applications submitted, and all the pavement pounding, leave it to our God to place Jay at the same company that hired me years ago. My wife and I talk all the time about how our God can change lives in the twinkling of an eye and take our lives in directions that are baffling to us. It’s amazing to witness His work in our lives first hand.

The moral to the story? I suppose if this story had a moral it would be

1 – Never give up, and

2 – Keep a good attitude

Our God is with us every moment of everyday. Our God feels our pains. Our God knows our concerns. Our God has a plan for our lives. And His plan for our lives is never the alternate plan. His plan for our lives is the first option…the best option.

In whatever you’re going through, remain cool, calm and collected. As the Old Spice commercial used to say “Never Let Em See You Sweat”. For the Lord thy God is with you wherever you go.

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  1. Our God has an amazing sense of humour. I experienced a few moments in my life which proved that God can surprise us in a good way. Recently, I've heard a story of a woman whose son couldn't fall in love. She prayed to God to let her son experience that amazing feeling and God granted her wish. The woman's son fell in love with a woman who was 15 years older than him. His feelings were mutual and they got married. The older woman didn't expect it at all. She thought her son would meet a girl his age. Well, God likes to play jokes like that 🙂

    • If we tried to figure out the how, what, when and why of God it would give us brain fade. I heard of a story of a married couple who worked together at the same company for years. They felt in their hearts that God was telling them to quit their jobs and move back to their small town in Kentucky. Trusting God, they did just that. Once there, they looked and looked but couldn’t find work. Finally after a few months they received word that out of the blue, the company that they had formerly worked for was moving to the small town in Kentucky where they had moved to. After the company moved, they went back to work for them and were moved into management positions because of their familiarity with the region!
      We serve and amazing God!

  2. Absolute love "And His plan for our lives is never the alternate plan." What a wonderful thought to keep in mind always. We may think we know how our life is going to go, and we have it all planned out, but we are wrong. God has already written our story and there is no Plan B. Only a Plan A which he has carefully thought and written out for us. No two person's plans are the same. We should feel honored that he loves us so much to tweak out walk of life just how he wants it to bring us the most blessings and joy!

    • Thanks so much for the comment GS. Its so easy (and is common sense) for a sight impaired person to hand the driving responsibilities over to someone who can see the road clearly. If we could only come to the realization that we are just as impaired when it comes to directing our own lives. When we hand the reins of our lives over to God and trust that His plan for our lives is the best plan, then and only then will we truly be walking by faith…

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