Gods Love starring (your name here), now Showing in Theater 7

Gods loveShowing Gods love requires every Christian to become a great actor. Great actors have the ability to take the words that a director gives them and become the character they are portraying in their films…..

I love watching movies. When I was a bachelor, my weekend consisted of at least 5-6 movies and a 2 day supply of microwave popcorn (ahh the good old days!). I can’t say that I prefer a certain genre of movie over another, however I do have favorite actors and no matter what genre of movie my favorite actors star in, It’s likely I will watch their movies. For instance, I’ve never cared for Westerns, but in the event that Woody Harrellson was set to star in a Western, I would make a point of seeing it because I love Woody Harrellson.

We as Christians have been called to be actors. We have been chosen to live our lives based upon the script we’ve been given, the bible.

A good actor is able to conjure up emotions in you, causing you to identify with the character they are portraying. Some actors actually are so good that they will lose their real name and identity and become the character they are portraying in the hearts and minds of their fans for many years after the release of their movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind as the Terminator. The Terminator character he played for so many years caused people to see him as a hard, cold person who was almost inhuman. And when he became Governor of California, he jokingly became “The Govenator”

As fans, we watch our favorite actors in films and because we don’t know them personally, we begin to see them as the person whose role they are playing in their films. Remember the J.R. character in the original Dallas series? For years during the time this series was being filmed people despised Larry Hagman in real life because of the role he played on TV.

Well, in a way we as Christians have been called to be actors. We have been chosen to live our lives based upon the script we’ve been given, the bible. Our role as Christian actors is to show the world Gods love. The task of showing Gods love to the villains in our life’s movie isn’t natural to us, but our script calls for us to be the heroes and show Gods love regardless. The audience that fills the theater of our lives never goes home. They are watching our movie 24/7/365.

What does the audience think of the character you are playing? Do they cheer for you when you show up in your film of life or do they boo you on screen? Is Gods love being made real to your audience, or do they sense a false underlying current of deception? Would a child mimic Gods love that they see in you like so many have mimicked Arnold’s character, the Terminator? Is there anyone that can say that you nailed it in your portrayal of Gods love in the movie of your life?

As Christians, we are the only image of Christ that the world will see. When we show up for work in our gladiator outfits adorned in the whole armor of God, is our movie rated G, PG, PG-13, R or X? Would Siskel and Ebert give you two thumbs up or would they trash your movie and discourage others from wasting their time watching you on screen? Do you stick to the script, or is the director constantly yelling “CUT” because you’ve strayed down some bunny trail away from showing Gods love and didn’t follow His direction?

Displaying Gods Love Every Day of Your Life

Every day whether you want to be or not, you are the star of your own movie. The critics are watching you continuously. When you open your mouth and announce that you are a Christian, they expect to see Gods love. Some of your movie critics know the script better than you do, so they will be quick to rate you as a fraud or a terrible actor if you aren’t showing Gods love.

Don’t give them the chance to trash your movie. Get up each day determined to act your heart out. Create a love scene they will never forget. Make sure that when they leave the theater of your life, they will go out raving about your performance, telling everyone they know about the love scene in your movie.

And when you go before the Ultimate Film Critic bow at His feet as you graciously accept your Academy Reward for your portrayal of Gods love here on earth.

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  1. Very interesting analogy… and well written. I remember being in a theatre production when I was younger. I had a couple parts… one of which came much more naturally to me than the other. And, some parts were easier to perform depending upon the audience.

    This is how it is with your analogy – displaying God's love… playing that part well requires us to BE that part… and this is something which will come easier to some, and easier in front of some, than others.

    Anyway, great post again. You have my vote for best actor.

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