MySpace – The Resurrection of a Platform Based on Freedom


MySpace was the forerunner to Facebook and all the other online platforms that exist today. Back in the day, MySpace was the place one could express their creativity online while at the same time, connecting with others in a space that totally expressed who they were.

But then as quickly as it appeared poof…it was gone. Ask the average Face booker today what MySpace is and they won’t have a clue.

We Live Lives of Conformity

Seldom in our brief existence here on earth are we afforded the opportunity to unashamedly be who we were created to be. We live our lives conforming to social rules and regulations, city, state and federal regulations and moral codes that constrain and restrict absolute freedom.

My blog is the place where I come to experience absolute freedom. My blog is the dance floor where my God and I can dance in harmony, sharing the same mind whenever, wherever and for as long as I want.

In addition to the above, those of us who are outside of the “1%” aren’t able to experience economic freedom to live our lives as we would like to.

I thank God that we live in a country that is considered a “free country” but the term “free” must be qualified. We are free but the term “freedom” doesn’t mean absolute freedom from all constraint.

MySpace gives me Absolute Freedom

For me, my blog represents myspace. My blog is the place where I come to experience absolute freedom. My blog is the dance floor where my God and I can dance in harmony, sharing the same mind whenever, wherever and for as long as I want.

My blog is myspace to unashamedly say what I want and to express what God is causing me to feel in a way that is unique to He and I.

The Discovery of True Freedom

I discovered blogging years ago, but never had a desire to pursue it. I suppose at the time I didn’t really understand what blogging was all about.

After years of trying to share with others different things I felt God was saying and doing in my life and being shunned and told “God doesn’t work that way”, I bottled up my words and thoughts. I tried to resign myself to the idea that I was a little freakish in the way I viewed the world and those in it.

Being the expressive person that I am, eventually the dam of my feelings broke open and I began putting my thoughts down on paper. Somehow, someway (and I’m still not sure how), the FaithsMessenger blog was born.

I believe God has a divine mission and purpose for every Christian blog and for every Christian blogger. FaithsMessenger was never designed to be a teaching tool. FaithsMessenger was founded on two principles. To share and to encourage. In myspace we don’t debate. In myspace we don’t argue. In myspace, we simply share and encourage one another.

Our Responsibility as Christian Bloggers

God’s Word is a progressive revelation. We are on a journey with our Savior that is unique and personal. Respect must always be the cornerstone of how we interact with one another, especially in front of those who don’t know Christ.

Since I began blogging in 2012, I’ve visited more Christian blogs than I can count. I’ve seen and heard some things that my brothers and sisters in Christ profess to believe that boggle my mind, but I respect their space and the right they have to think such thoughts.

I’ve also seen some knockdown, drag out fights take place online between fellow Christian writers which caused me to cringe inside.

When I think back 10, 15, or 20 years, I’d have to acknowledge that my views on certain scripture and certain biblical principles have changed dramatically over the years. Patience and maturity in Christ dictates that we be patient with one another. That we pray with and for one another. That we lift one another up before Christ and allow Him to show us our errors if we are missing the mark in what we share with one another and with the world.

God has provided an amazing platform for the world to see the intimates we share with Him. I encourage you to be mindful of how we present ourselves when calling a brother or sister on the carpet over what is perceived as an error in their presentation or representation of scripture.

Our first reaction should be that of prayer, seeking to find out if we are indeed the ones who have missed it instead of lashing out at what we perceive to be error. It can be considered very arrogant of us to toss one person’s viewpoint out as wrong, simply because we’ve never heard it said that way before.

I encourage us all to spend time in prayer asking God to allow us to see His Word in a light we may not have seen it before prior to attacking one another or abruptly disagreeing with one another.

Absolute Freedom to be me

For me, blogging is freedom. It’s the freedom to express who I am and what I believe. It’s the one space in the universe I can come to and experience absolute freedom while sharing with you the very special relationship I have with God.

In this resurrected version of MySpace, it’s my space to say things the way I want to say them. To share things that I want to share, and to be exactly who God created me to be. I thank you for spending time with me in myspace.

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  1. It's nice to hear some of your blogging background, Greg, and I'm wondering if you've recently dealt with someone who was harsh in their comments. I'm always a little startled when a fellow Christian is unkind, and I'm glad it's the exception, not the norm. But I admit that before I began blogging, I wasn't that careful how I expressed my opinion either. I've enjoyed "yourspace" and appreciate your invite to your Pinterest board. You've obviously learned a lot about blogging in your brief time doing it. Thanks, Gail

    • No Gail, I‘ve never been a victim of any verbal attack. However I have read a few and I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said that it didn’t bother me. The fact of the matter is that none of us have a full 100% understanding of what a scripture has to reveal to us. I know what I see, but I have no way of knowing what God has revealed to you concerning the exact same scripture.

      Wisdom would dictate that I pray to see and understand what God has shown you and vise versa. But for me to take a stand and deem your revelation wrong and mine right robs me of the potential opportunity to grow.

      All of us live in the gray area where scripture is concerned. None of us know all there is to know about any particular scripture. Exceptions to the rules we think scripture has established fill our lives and the lives of those around us.

      I think we can do damage when we are so dogmatic in our thoughts, views and opinions that we leave absolutely no room for error or correction. But most importantly, we run the risk of driving away someone who may have been on the verge of making a decision for Christ with our “I’m absolutely right and you’re absolutely wrong” ideals.

      Correction should be done in a spirit of love and sometimes in our zealousness, correction shows up without single drop of love….

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